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Denim Frills

Okay, I need to talk about this top. Asos have been SO on the ball with the denim offerings over the last month or so, but I've been really good and my self-restraint has been top notch as I've managed to resist all of the amazingness on their website... Except this baby. As soon as I saw this top on their site, I'm pretty sure I let out some sort of "omg, my eyes are so satisfied" noise but I decided to save it to my Saved Items list instead of buying automatically and that was such a huge mistake. Checking back 2 days later, it was completely sold out. I grew that obsessed with getting my hands on this shirt, I found myself checking Asos at least 3 times a day then one day, There was one in stock in a size 10 and I snapped it up instantly. I 100% need a size 6 because my shoulders are so narrow, but I just can't part with it now so my grandma will have to do some alterations for me - I just want to be buried in it, please.

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