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Mini Topshop Beauty Haul

Topshop's makeup range is a one that is loved by many and as a fan of their nail varnishes and their blushers, I thought it was high-time I gave some of their other offerings a go too. Topshop lipsticks are definitely something I see people rave about the most so surprise surprise, when I was recently making an online order (that should have been just to purchase a single, solitary skirt) I decided to add a few lippies to the basket too. And a bronzer which lemme tell you, is pretty damn great. So let me give you the low-down on what I got.

I picked up two shades from the normal, bog-standard lipstick range: Nevada and Mink. Nevada seems to be a favourite with a lot of people on the blogosphere, but I've got to be honest, I think it'll take me a little getting used to. Don't get me wrong, the peachy nude/desert sand sort of shade is lovely and very different to a lot of other lipstick ranges of similar price, but it looks super pale on me. Although I'm quite pale, my natural lip colour is quite deep, making Nevada a real stark contrast in colour compared to what I'm used to. I think paired with the right makeup and the right hair/outfit though, this would be a lovely colour for both casual days and for nights out; I just need to experiment with it a little more. The other shade I pink up - Mink - is a typical browny nude. I'm a huge fan of a brown lip, it always reminds me of one of my Auntys and her statement lip colour in the 1990's, but I just never find any that suit me. Being pale with black hair can be a curse with lippie choices as browns just make me look gaunt and drained. This one was a complete gamble but I'm in love - its not too harshly brown and pigmented on the lips so it gives the lips a more natural brown finish than a milk chocolate shade disaster. I would say it looks darker in the bullet so don't let that put you off or fool you - it's definitely worth a swatch test.

The best thing about these lipsticks is their formula. I mean, the packaging is pretty aesthetically pleasing, the price is pretty great (£8.oo), but the formula is the thing that seals the deal for me. They're really pigmented, creamy and moisturising yet despite their creaminess, they don't slip off completely as soon as you come into contact with food or drink. They do need to be patched up after such activities, but the pigment definitely holds on as much as it can, meaning you don't get the dreaded halo around the inner part of your lips. The only downside to them being so creamy and soft? Nevada has already snapped as in, the bullet snapped in two. I had to do a quick sticking it back together and putting it in the fridge for a couple of hours job to try and rectify the situation, so just a warning: if you have a warm house or are going to use these lippies over summer, they might just melt.

From L to R: Bronzer in Salute, Lipstick Bullet in Motel, Lipstick in Nevada, and Lipstick in Mink

The other lip product I picked up was one of the Topshop Bullets. These appealed to me as I thought they'd be more matte and therefore, more my thang. I picked out the shade Motel which looked like a lovely deep dusty pink/brown shade. It is a lovely shade but do you notice something about the picture above? Yup, it looks just like Mink on my skin. In the bullet, both products look different shades, but upon application, they're pretty much identical. This is fine as I do like the colour, but it was disappointing for me when I realised I technically paid for the same shade twice when I could have picked out a new red or something. It's worth saying though that this might not be the case for everyone - a lot of lip products go a different colour on people depending on their skin tone, their natural lip shade etc. The one thing I do like about this product more that the lipsticks though is that it does eventually dry down quite matte - now when I say eventually, it did take a good 3 hours for me to notice it looking more matte and less satiny/creamy. It still transfers, but again the pigmentation is great so you don't notice the loss of product from any transfers. I prefer the packaging of the lipsticks, but the bullets do have some great shades too.

Now let's talk about this bronzer. Bronzers are so hit and miss for me because I'm a Pale Penelope. I had read a review a while ago talking about *a Topshop bronzer* which was great for pale skin. After much deliberation and searching, I figured the shade I needed was Salute and I'm so. goddamn. happy. with. this. purchase. This bronzer albeit it being a powder, is very buttery soft to apply. You only need a little product and it is easily buildable, it glides onto the skin beautifully, and it doesn't go muddy or patchy. It is a wonderful sandy shade for us paler ladies as it is not too warm or orangey and it's not a dark shade of brown. This does an excellent job of both warming up the face and giving your face a bit of dimension, whilst also doubling up amazingly as a contour shade (if you're a lazy lady like me and want a product to do both jobs in one). I've only used this product 3 times but I'm honestly that impressed with it, its what I instantly grab for when I'm doing my makeup everyday. I'm also going to take a look at their other bronzer shade, Mohawke, in store because I'm pretty sure THAT one is actually the paler shade of the two... But either way, Salute works super well with my pasty skin tone.

- A.
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