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10 Products Under £10

In a world where beauty blogging is becoming increasingly popular, I've noticed a lot of the big, influential beauty bloggers and vloggers seem to get more and more expensive tastes the more and more they gain popularity and widen their follower numbers. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they shouldn't - I'm sure we all would invest in more high-end products if we were gifted them and had the bank balance to afford luxury beauty on a daily basis - but I feel like only reviewing and "loving" high-end beauty is a) a sure-fire way for your blog content to no longer be relatable for a lot of your readers and b) a big stinking fib. The drugstore and affordable brands are absolutely amazing nowadays. Gone are the days when you had to go high-end to find a good foundation and that should truly be celebrated. Most of my favourite makeup products are from the affordable brands and I very much doubt that will ever change.

So with that in mind, I've decided to celebrate some of the best products you can find for under £10 in the drugstore. They range from bases to brows, from lipsticks to nails - I've tried to cover everything because the likes of Boots and Superdrug can supply you with all you need!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation (£9.99) - Let's start from the base and work our way up. This foundation just slips under the £10 limit as it has recently permanently came down in price from £12.99, but I would so so recommend it. I've talked about it before on the blog, but it has been one of my top 3 fave foundations since I was about 18 - you have the choice of a formula for dry/combination or combination/oily skin (I use the oily) one, the colour range is vast which is such a breath of fresh air to see at the drugstore, and it gives great, non-cakey coverage that lasts all day. My one gripe with it was that it didn't have a pump but guess what? The new bottles come with pumps. I no longer have any problems with this base, hallelujah.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (£5.99) - I almost included the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but come on now, we all know how much I've raved about that already. A new fave is this offering from Maybelline. If you are a bit fan of the Nars Creamy Concealer but don't want to pay the money for it - definitely check this one out. It's really light but provides great coverage for both dark circles and redness, it cover blemishes pretty darn well, and it blends effortlessly. I like wearing this under my eyes and it does a super job of getting rid of my black eyes for a bargain price.

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder (£7.99) - I love this powder. It's a little more difficult to get a hold of in the UK now (as Superdrug don't seem to sell it any more) but my goodness, does it set your makeup well. It used to retail for silly cheap, I'm talking £2.99 cheap, but you can still pick it up on the likes of eBay or Amazon for around £7.99 - so still a bargain. I bulk buy this (like 5 tubs at a time) because I'm so worried it's going to become impossible to get my mitts on it. I always get it in translucent and it takes away shine beautifully, keeps your skin and foundation looking natural, never cakes up, does an excellent job of keeping my oils at bay, and lasts bloody ages. Big fan.

Sleek Makeup Blush (£4.99) - If you're the Nars fan I was talking about earlier, look no further than Sleek for your Nars blusher dupes. They have so many colours to choose from, they have different powder and cream formulas and even multi palettes containing various shades. A particular favourite for me is the one pictured - Rose Gold - which is a natural pinky shade with gold highlight/flecks to it (e.g. the perfect budget dupe for Nars Orgasm). The only difference? Rose Gold is slightly more peachy (which I actually think makes it more wearable for everyday) and it's only £5 so what's not to like?

Topshop Bronzer (£9.oo) - This is my new and only favourite bronzer. This is a lovely velvety bronzer to use, it glides onto foundation really well, blends nicely and doesn't look muddy or patchy, and the colour pay off is great. I have both shades (Salute and Mohawke) and if you're a Pale Penny like I am, Mohawke is an excellent contour shade as it's more ashy and grey so it's perfect for light bronzing but also for carving out those cheekbones. Salute is also gorgeous (pictured above) and can also be used as a contour if used with a light hand as it is so pigmented. Topshop's makeup range is great and budget-friendly in general, but this product in particular is a killer for me.

Sleek Brow Kit (£8.49) - When it comes to brows, this kit has been my holy grail for almost 3 years straight. Sure, I love Anastasia Beverly Hills dip pomade, but this is so cheap and just reliable. Considering it is a high street alternative, this product comes in four different shades - making it a great option for those of us with darker brows. I often find brunette or "dark brown" products aren't dark at all but this kit in the shade Extra Dark certainly does the job. It comes with a coloured wax and powder which I use in conjunction, and it comes with really good mini brushes that I do actually use for daily application and a set of mini tweezers so its a great one for travelling. I've had the same kit for over the 18 month use-by date (grim, I know, but there's technically nothing wrong with it and I've almost used it up) so that will give you an indication for how great value for money this little gem truly is.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow (£4.99) - When it comes to eyeshadows, I tend to like to use something quick and easy and this definitely ticks that box. These Cream Gel Eyeshadows come in a few different colours (my favourite being And On Bronze) and are great to use as they honestly do not budge. I have oily lids and eyeshadow has a tendency to sit in the crease however, if I use this shadow as a base or an all-over wash of colour, it doesn't move no matter what I'm doing. They're really pigmented, a little goes a long way, and they look great on their own or used as a base. I can't fault them!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£7.99) - Maybelline are doing well in this post aren't they?! I'm pretty sure the internet blew up when this mascara came out and guess what - I still love it. Maybelline mascaras are my favourite brand for lashes anyway, but this one is just somethin'else. It's a very black formula, it lengthens, thickens, and keeps a good curl to my lashes so its a great all-rounder.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (£5.50) - Okay so I've mentioned this product before and I'm sure you've seen everyone and their mother rave about it, but that's because it is genuinely one of the best lip products out there. I love NYX as a brand, but these matte lip creams are probably my most favourite creation of theirs. The colour range is insane, the nudes are especially lovely, they're really comfortable to wear and easy to top up after food/drinks etc., and they're only £5.50. What more could you possibly want from a lip product?! Nothing, that's what I thought.

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint (£3.99) - Barry M is my all-time favourite nail polish brand, but I particularly love their Gelly paints. These nail polishes are £1.oo more than their bog-standard polish, but it's totally worth the extra pound as I find they chip less, the colours are more intense, the pay-off is a nicer finish, and I don't need to apply as many coats. The colour above is Paprika which is a lovely 70s orange, and the range have more great autumnal, dark, bright, and pastel colours so there's something for everyone!

What are your top 10 under £10 recommendations?

- A.
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