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Current Favourite Nails: Models Own Colour Chrome

These polishes have been around for a while now and initially, I wasn't that bothered about them. I had tried something similar Barry M had done as a limited polish a couple of years ago and found that the metallic gold and silver tended to chip easily and I guess it put me off similar polishes for a while. But then I saw these four shades in a set on Asos and before you know it, they were in amongst my gifts from my mam for Christmas 2015. Initially because I wasn't keen on the metallic formula of previous similar products, I didn't give these much of a go but oh lordy, how silly I was to put off trying these babies out properly.

I have four shades: Silver, Gold, Copper, and Indigo. There is a great full colour range available now which covers your typical metallics (i.e. what I have the majority of), but also pinks and greens for more unusual nail finishes. Although these polishes are metallic, the foil/chrome finish they give your nails is actually quite subtle, making them a great choice for those who might not want to make too much of a statement with their nails or if you have to tone those nails down for work. Even the shade Indigo - despite being quite a deep blue - is wearable as it has such a silver sheen to it in daylight.

When it comes to application, the best thing about this range is how quick they dry. I've done a whole post before about how I go through stints of being incredibly impatient and not invested in my nails and thus a polish that dries quickly is a must when I'm feeling like that. These are a great on-the-go polish as they take no time at all to dry so if you're in a rush or even need to do your nails on the move, these would be a good shout. Another good thing about the application is some of the colours seem to only need one coat. I say some because in my batch of four only gold and copper come under the one coat wonder category and I can only assume it might be the pigment or something that just doesn't work quite as well in the other two shades. However, this could be just two duds in the line - you might have better luck with applying one coat with the other colours than I have! The *needing more than one coat* thing usually doesn't bother me because I tend to do at least two or three coats to ensure longevity, but more than one coat of colour chrome can start to be a little tricky. I don't know if it's just me, but I've found upon second application, I have to apply the polish with such a light hand otherwise it causes the first coat below to strip and it means the application is patchy and not opaque. I thought this was just down to my impatience and not letting the first coat fully dry but after it happened for the third or fourth time, I knew there must be something not quite right. It's not the end of the world and as the polish dries so quickly, you can apply as many coats as you like to rectify the mess you might make, but it's just worth noting that I find the polishes work best with a light hand.

Now, my only bogey problem with them - they do chip. As my first fears and concerns suspected, these polishes do chip easier than other colours and brands I wear but I think a lot of that is down to it being a quick drying metallic polish. Used with a base coat and a top coat, you can get a good three or four days wear out of these colour chromes, but after that lucky four day marker, I need to take it all off and start fresh. This isn't *that bad* to deal with, just means I wouldn't jump to wear the range on holiday for instance when you don't have a lot of opportunities to top up or clean up. But right now? Right now I love them. They're subtle but interesting and different, they apply and dry super fast, and price point? At £4.99 a bottle, you can't complain! I'm also desperate to get my hands on the red shade - I've got a feeling it would be perfect for Christmas and the festive period - even more so than the gold!

Have you tried the Models Own Colour Chromes? If so, what do you think of them?

- A.
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