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How to Look 10 Yrs Younger

There is literally nothing new or different to see here - I'm wearing denim and I'm wearing clogs surprise, surprise - but I point-blank refuse to dress my age and this was my best attempt at dressing like a 5 year old. If I'd worn some white frilly ankle socks and pigtails, I feel like it would have actually have had some sort of time machine effect but I wasn't that keen to knock 20 years off of my age.

I'm super pleased that it's starting to be comfortable to wear no tights. I might have the palest, knobbliest legs in the whole of the south of England, but having no tights on instantly makes every outfit look better in my opinion!

Matalan Shirt (similar) | Primark Denim Pinafore (similar) | Topshop Barrel Bag (old) | Lotta from Stockholm Clogs

- A.
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