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Makeup on the Go

I love wearing makeup. That statement won't be a surprise to anyone but I really do enjoy the whole process of wearing makeup and spending half an hour every morning applying it, getting those brows *just right*, and experimenting with lip colours and eyeshadows. Now although I would always choose getting up early to spend time doing my makeup over having extra time in bed and having to do it in a hurry, there are those dreaded days when you sleep in, you spontaneously make plans or you're travelling and it means you just haven't got the time to indulge in the process. When those horrible instances happen and you only have a few minutes to spare to get that face looking pristine, there's a few products I will always turn to to get the job done ASAP.

First off, let's talk base. When I fall for a foundation, I tend to stick to it, but a one I purposefully reserve for the hurried get ready moments is Dermablend from Vichy. This foundation is a spot-on colour match for me (their palest shade FYI) and it applies so easily with your best beauty utensils at your disposal - your fingertips. I've reviewed this foundation on NB before so I won't waffle, but I've found it perfect for blending in with your fingers as it is very quick setting and as it's aimed at problem skin so it's great at covering blemishes and dark circles. No need for concealer and no need for brushes/sponges - the best choice of foundation for speedy application on the go.

When I think of quick and easy application blush, I instantly think of Max Factor's Creme Puff Blushes. Often considered an affordable dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers, the creme puff blushers are marbled shimmery goodness. As these blushers give you a lovely glow as they contain a little bit of shimmer, there's no need for a highlight on top making them a great quick makeup option. If you're a pale lady like myself, The shade Lavish Mauve has a great grey tone to it, making it perfect to use as a contour and Alluring Rose does a great job at bronzing up the face. As they make you look so alive and awake, you don't really need a bronzer too - this little golden nugget does a fine job on its lonesome.

Eyeshadow isn't usually something I worry about when I'm in a rush, but it can be the perfect product to help make you look a little more put together so it's worth the tiny bit of extra effort if you have a minute to spare. My ultimate choice for a quick on-the-go application would 100% be the Rimmel London HD 5 Pan Eyeshadow palette. The palette shade Brixton Brown will always be my first choice as it has the perfect neutral shades you need - a light shimmer, a mid and darker matte brown, and a gorgeous shimmery red/burgundy shade for if you want to do a bit more of a deep look. A simple wash all over the lid with the light shimmer (which as its a champagne shade, it could totally double up as a highlighter too) and the milk chocolate brown matte in the crease and you've instantly framed your eyes and look more put together. And the best thing? This palette fits into the palm of your hand - perfect for quickly throwing in your bag as you rush out the door! A step I could never skip is mascara - this also helps frame your eyes and tie your look together. My choice for quick application will always be the False Lash Effect Mascara from Max Factor as it lengthens and separates the lashes - no clumps, no flaking or smudging - it's practically fool-proof.

Another product that can disguise your rushed job of a face is lipstick. A bold lip would be a mare to try and apply in short time but a sheer wash of colour gives the illusion you made time and effort with your look and it also again, helps frame the face and tie everything together. My favourite for this job is without a doubt Essence's Longlasting Lipsticks. These super cheap lippies are great for sheer colour that doesn't need upkeep or precise application. The shades Barely There and Natural Beauty are perfect nude shades that are close to my natural lip colour. The wear-time on these lippies is far from long lasting (despite what the name suggests) but they're really moisturising and fade evenly and nicely and therefore act a little like a glorified lip balm. Just what you need when you can't check if you've got lipstick on your teeth every five minutes!

Lastly, I know nails are probably the last thing on anyone's mind when they're in a rush, but so many times I'm sat on the train/bus etc. going to my destination, look down at my nails, and grimace at the fact that there's no nail colour on them because I "didn't have time to do them". So in steps the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints and Seventeen's Quicker Slicker Nail Polish. I've raved about how quick drying and long lasting the Barry M Speedys are before so I won't bore you, but the brush tip is really wide and well fitted to the shape of your nails too which makes application a breeze. The Quicker Slickers from Seventeen aren't as great, but they're super handy when in a hurry. These polishes dry so fast it's unbelievable. They do need a lot of coats to show up opaque (I'm talking anywhere between five and eight) but they dry in next to no time so as long as you don't mind the layers of coats, they work pretty well.

What products would you recommend for busy gals on the go?

- A.
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