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Holiday Glow on a Budget

When it comes to getting that sun-kissed glow let's be real here; I'm a complete novice. I'm a really pale, factor 50 sun block kinda girl through and through but there's just something nice about making your skin look that little healthier during the warmer months that I give into. As I'm finally going on holiday this year (in three days to be precise!) and as it's been relatively warm off and on here in the UK, I thought I'd share with you guys two of my current favourite products for getting that summer skin and the best part? They both cost a mere £3.oo/£4.oo!

Both of these products look great as part of a full face of makeup but they also look fantastic without a base if you're having a good skin day or if like me, you just can't be bothered with the ball-ache that is keeping your makeup in check in hot climates. Even though I prefer to go without a heavy full face on holiday or when it's super hot, I do still need a little something to look alive and well, not ill. This is where these two products step in. They're both from Makeup Revolution and they are part of the Vivid range which has a variety of baked products. Baked highlighters, blushers, bronzers, and eyeshadows are typically known for their high pigmentation and are usually buttery soft and easy to blend. Metallic or shimmer products which are in the baked formulation tend to work really well no matter the look you're going for and if you need a more intense colour pay-off or finish, use a wet/damp brush with them and they become all the more better.

Now let's talk more about the actual products and I'll talk about the best of the two first - the bronzer. Surprised to hear pale girl me say that? I bet you are because I'm actually surprised myself. I've really been getting into my bronzers in the last few months, but just as I was falling head over heels for the Topshop bronzers, along came this baby from Makeup Revolution and turned everything on its head. I picked up the Vivid Baked Bronzer in the shade Golden Days - there's another 3 shades available but this one looked the lightest and it actually looked like the lightest bronzer I've ever came across in general so because of this, I had to try it out. As you may have guessed from the fact that it's a baked product and as you can see in the swatch below, Golden Days is a shimmery product but it doesn't contain any chunky glitter and its not too orange or muddy. It creates a gorgeous glow on the cheeks and shadowed points of the face so I'm definitely taking it on holiday with me.

It blends so nicely into the skin both onto bare and full makeup skin and the best thing about it has got to be the colour. I don't know what it is, but the shade is just perfect for a pale girl. Usually bronzers from the drugstore are aimed at the most average colour skin which tends to be 3 or 4 shades darker than mine making bronzer hunting a little difficult. This one however is lovely for warming up the face in a natural way so you don't necessarily look like you've applied bronzer. Although the shimmer in it is obviously unnatural if you're going for a "no makeup" makeup look, it is subtle enough to just look like you're skin is glowing and that's exactly what you want in summer on your holibobs, right?

And now for this highlight. I picked up the shade Golden Lights but again, there is a small range of shades. You can also pick up your suspected shades of a more bronzing/peach tone or a pink tone. This one looked like it was pearl toned hence why I scooped it up as it's the only shade of highlight I don't have. Obviously the first time I wore it in normal lighting, I realised it was in fact gold, but just look at it - I'm still super happy with my purchase. In the pan, the product feels quite rough and chalk like so I didn't have high hopes for it, but once it's on your brush it sweeps onto the skin with effortless ease and gives an intense glow. I tend to use a very light hand with this if I'm wearing it with the bronzer and/or wearing no base makeup otherwise you can look a little too strobed and discoball-esque. However if there's one thing I like to have on my face if I'm not wearing foundation it is a highlighter. It can give your skin that boost that obviously works well in the sunshine.

I think this guy paired with its bronzing buddy make for a perfect summer/holiday look. I'm packing both for my holiday and I think I'll keep the golden highlight for evenings out at dinner unless I'm feeling real fancy during the day. As they both retail for £4 they're great for breaks away as it won't be the end of the world if they get lost, smashed or left behind when you come home. I swear by my Mary Lou-Manizer but I ain't taking anything on holiday that costs me more that £15. No thanks, I don't think me or my wallet could handle the guilt if I didn't return home with it in one piece. These Makeup Revolution offerings come in sturdy packaging and are a large pan so they'll last an age even when you do come back to the boring grey-skied UK.

Not bad for an £7.oo total ey?

What are some of your favourite summer beauty products?

- A.
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