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Lime Crime Perlees

If there's one brand I love for lip products, it's Lime Crime. They were my first liquid lipstick brand I tried and they've been my favourite ever since. I'm not going to justify why I buy their products - I like their products therefore I buy them. It's as simple as that. I know this brand gets a lot of hate and they are controversial because of many many reasons, but let's not tarnish this post any further with cosmetic politics okay? Okay.

So, I'm a huge fan of their velvetines. They have a great range of everyday and more *out there* colours and I find their staying power top notch. Their unicorn lipsticks were also an old favourite of mine in my scene kid days - a brand that does makes a highly pigmented emerald green mermaid lipstick? Count me in. But when I saw their latest lipstick release - the Perlees - I was desperate to try them out. The colours all seemed so interesting and different and they were metallic. Not glittery, not shimmery, but they looked metallic. It was a finish I'd not seen before and it also was a one out of my comfort zone - so all the more reason to give it a try. Metallic lips seems to be a trend that's sweeping both the blogging/vlogging and beauty world currently, with the likes of the Kylie lip range jumping on board too. I ordered six of the nine available Perlee shades and I'll give you a run through of them all (proceed with caution: there is some extreme close-ups of my face and yes I know, one of my nostrils is waaay bigger than the other. Yeah, you're going to check that now aren't you):

Gemma (Metallic Taupe Brown shade)
I'll start with a shade that I think is the most wearable out of the shades I picked up. Gemma is a taupe-toned brown shade so it's similar to the ever popular nude lipstick shades just it has that dash of metallic finish to it. Although it's metallic, I feel this lippy could be worn during the day with your everyday makeup look but you might want to tone down on any shimmer eyeshadows or your highlight just so you don't look too discoball-esque. For an evening out though? Through on all the shimmer and this would look great with just about any and every outfit.

Asphalt (Metallic Grey Brown shade)
Another nude shade, Asphalt is a bit more intense due to the grey tones it has. It's not as everyday wearable/suitable as Gemma but the shade was just so different to any other nudey lipstick I'd seen that I had to have it. Because of the grey tones to this brown, it can make paler skin tones look a little washed out, but I think the darker your skin tone the better this will look as the intensity will be muted. As you can see, it is extremely grey on me rather than a brown with grey tones and I'd say this was the worst of the bunch to apply. There's some patches that went brown (particularly around my lip line) whereas the rest went straight to grey. I could have a bad bullet or it might be something to be mindful of if you're thinking of ordering this shade - I think with a little bit of patience and lip liner brush, you could sort this issue out no problemo.

Mirage (Metallic Mauve Pink shade)
If you've been a reader of NB's beauty post for a while now, you may have seen me mention that I don't think I suit pink lips at all. It's a colour I constantly battle with and try to make work because of my pale skin, pinks and nude pink *should* suit me but I just haven't found any that I feel comfortable in. Despite this, I somehow managed to order Mirage - a truer than true almost Barbie pink. When I first saw this shade I didn't like it on the site but the more I looked, and the more I saw "mauve", the more I was intrigued. It looks quite bubblegum pink on the site but then in the bullet? It looks like a true purple. I was so confused but after swatching it, I realised how it all tied together: It does have a pink finish, but it looks incredibly lilac and iridescent in some light so I actually quite like it because again - just like Asphalt - it's a shade you don't typically see anywhere else. As you can probably see, the slightest change of light can take this from a more pink shade to a more purple shade on the spectrum so its a good one if you want that multi-dimensional, multi-tonal look.

Third Eye (Metallic Mulberry Red shade)
Third Eye, like Gemma, was one of the shades I thought would be the most wearable as it looked like a pinky red shade on the site that I'm pretty sure we all owned when we were babas in the 90s (I know for sure I had one of those teeny tiny mini lipsticks from the Avon that was a shade almost identical to this - anyone remember those?!). Described as a mulberry red on the site, I assumed it would be a more reddy shade when it arrived. For me, this shade is a lot more pinky/plumy than a red.It swatches like an intense wine red shade so I think it will be perfect for autumn/fall/winter but on my lips with my natural lip colour it kicks out just a little bit more pink which I have no problem with. I think this is a great one for those colder months if you want to add a little somethin' somethin' to your everyday bold wine lip look or if you are going out for a meal/drinks etc., this is a more "party" version of the bold lips we tend to see during autumn/winter.

Penny (Metallic Bright Copper shade)
Okay so let's talk about the favourite shade that I love and hate. The Perlees weren't of a particular interest to me when they were released well, that was until I saw Penny. As you can see from the shade description and hopefully the swatch, Penny is exactly what it says on the tin - a shiny new penny colour. I absolutely adore copper shades when it comes to eyeshadows so the thought of having it in lipstick form? It was all too great. I love this shade because it's bright, vibrant, in your face yet somehow still wearable as it's an orange lipstick. The reason I'm in a love hate relationship with it though is purely my problem - not the product's. I think it's great for an alternative way to make the blue in eyes pop but oh my goodness, this colour looks so great on you blonde haired, blue eyed ladies. I've seen some blonde bombshells rocking this and it makes me hate my black tresses because the copper, the blonde, and the blue eyes just ties so nicely together as a colour palette. But I can't really change my hair colour just for one lipstick can I? Can I??

Denim (Metallic Denim Blue shade)
The other colour that made me place this order was Denim. We all know over here on NB that I'm a sucker for denim everything so naturally I had to buy a lipstick that would make an actual body part denim, too. This shade isn't wearable like the others I mean, it's blue! However a few liquid lipstick ranges (the likes of Kylie's Freedom and Anastasia Beverly Hills's Paint) have recently released gorgeous navy and dark blue shades that would definitely fit snugly alongside Denim (not to mention this is a slightly cheaper dupe for the Alice Through the Looking Glass 'Time' lipstick from Urban Decay). This might not be a one to reach for on a daily basis, but it would look great for an evening out with a more minimal base/eye look and it would definitely work wonders for halloween and other fancy dress events (particularly if you're being a mermaid? I think this would certainly tick that box for you). It kind of reminds me of a lighter shade of Manic Panic Ice Metals Midnight Blue Lethal Lipstick if you found that one too dark and it is pretty much the same colour as the Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lip Gloss just a longer lasting formula. Of course it helps blue eyes pop and I found this one to be the creamiest and most moisturising of the bunch which could be just a good bullet, or it could be the ingredients - I have no idea!

From left to right: Denim, Penny, Third Eye, Mirage, Asphalt, and Gemma (All £13.57 each)

So those are the shades I picked up. The shades I didn't pick up (Roswell, Charmed, and Beetle) also looked great but looked like shades I thought I could definitely make work so I kind of wanted to fully push myself out of my comfort zone and they're available as bundles with their Velvetine counterpart so I kinda want to buy them in those bundles. For £13.57 each, these lippies are slightly on the pricier side and are heading into the higher end territory, but they're worth it if you want something different and unique. The packaging of them is beautiful and again - different - and the formulation is pretty great. The lipsticks will transfer if you're eating/drinking etc. however they're nice and creamy and I don't find that they dry the lips out even if you are wearing them all day. They can be a little tough to reapply just due to them dragging on the lips a little bit, but teamed with a balm in between applications will help with this. The metallic finish of them doesn't dull down either which is fantastic as if you're wearing a metallic lip, I imagine you don't want that aspect of it to fade.

As I mentioned earlier, the more "common" lipstick shades are easier to wear but they are all equally well pigmented, you don't necessarily need a liner to keep them looking sharp (you might want to lip line if you're using Denim for a considerable amount of time though in case it fades/bleeds around the lip line), and generally they fade quite evenly if you are concerned about that (again, the darker colours aren't as even faders and can create a bit of the "halo" look between reapplications). I do have a couple of words of caution with these products though. Firstly, I find they have quite a strong scent. When it comes to cosmetics, I can usually stomach a smell and whilst I can manage this one, it does linger and is an artificially sickly sweet scent. This could just be my nose not liking it and others might not have this issue, but I thought it would be worth mentioning if you're sensitive to scents! Also I found only Third Eye, Penny, and Denim to be accurate colour matches to what is shown on the site. This again is a personal problem because as with many lipstick products, they can be heavily effected by your natural lip colour, but it's something to bear in mind when ordering them - Gemma was much darker on me, Asphalt came out completely grey rather than grey brown, and Mirage is pretty much a bright lilac with pink hues not an almost baby pink like it seems on the site!

Have you tried Lime Crime's Perlees or any other metallic lip looks? Are you loving the trend or hating it?

- A.
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