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Blue Florals

Just as I complain that we've seen the best of the British summer weather, it gets out sunny and hot again and this little goth doesn't know what to do with herself. Maxi dresses are something I love but always struggle to find as I'm a petite girl but have a really short torso and longgg legs despite my tiny height. This maxi was a beauty in the latest ASOS sale (still on sale now!) as it was a lovely print, a gorgeous cut, the material is lightweight so it's breathable in the heat despite it's long sleever and it's not see through! Huzzah! Someone needs to have a word with whoever makes white dresses/skirts and explain that we don't in fact want our knickers showing through them, ta. The only downside to this dress is despite being someone who definitely fits into the petite section, the inner lining that is supposed to hide your hoo-hah is sooo short it only *just* covers my bum. I actually love to wear this maxi as a shirt though with skinny jeans so all is not lost!

Asos Petite Maxi Dress | Glamorous Fringe Bag (similar) | Asos Bow Tie Choker | Lotta From Stockholm Clogs

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