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The Oily Skin Saviour

Now now ladies and gents, I'm sure I don't need to mention it again (because I'm pretty sure I mention it in every single beauty-related post) but I am an oily skinned girl and it can be an absolute nightmare. Since my teen years, I've had to deal with a bad case of never ending acne but the real struggle for me? The oily skin. Blemishes can definitely affect your confidence but to a degree, they can be managed with skincare products and strategically placed makeup however the oily skin can shine through pretty much anything and everything I've tried to slap on this face of mine. However this seems to be changing slightly in my quest for *good* skin and it's all down to two products that I use day and night to cleanse my face. So ladies and gents, if your face tends to get extremely oily throughout day to day life, carry on reading and I'll tell you what has been helping my face stay more matte and dry but in the best way.

La Roche Posay are a fantastic affordable drugstore brand for problem skin especially for those of us with sensitive skin. Oily skin, acne and sensitive skin really don't go hand in hand as a lot of acne fighting and oil controlling products can be very stripping and full of chemicals but the majority of La Roche Posay's products try to keep the chemical side to a minimum and these two products I'm going to talk about are suitable for acne-prone, oily, and sensitive skin types.

Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel £11.oo - This whopping 200ml bottle is brilliant for those of you who are on a budget because you only need the tiniest amount of product to cleanse the face each time. This soap free, paraben free, pH balanced cleansing gel has no scent or colour and is ideal for sensitive skin types as well as those fighting excess sebum and oils and acne and has been tested on those skin types in its production. The gel is clear and should be applied to wet hands and can be gently applied to a dry or wet face - if your face is wet, it will foam up slightly more than if your face is dry but as long as your hands are wet, the product won't pull or drag on the skin as you spread it. The first few days I used this product morning and night, I was a little bit concerned as it actually agitated my skin. My skin became extremely sensitive to my makeup products for example and was sometimes sore to touch. After those initial days it eventually calmed down and now works wonderfully. I can only assume it was my skin adjusting to this purifying cleanser, but it's just a precaution in case you are victim to the same affect!

As this cleanser is targeted at oily skin, I would obviously agree that its not suitable for those of you with dry skin because oh lordy, this dries your skin out. If I'm wearing a toner, primer, foundation and powder that is designed to keep oils to a minimum, I still get shiny-faced from as early as 2 hours after application so that will give you a wee indication of how oily-skinned I am. However, this stuff gave me flaky skin for a few days! I used hydrating products to counteract this, but it's another little warning that whilst this stuff definitely works at mattifying the skin, it will possibly get worse before it gets better.

Serozinc £8.5o - This zinc sulfate solution is obviously not chemical free, but it is a goody for fighting excess oils and blemishes. This product has been raved about throughout the beauty blogging and YouTube communities for what feels like years but it's obvious why because it really does a grand job at living up to what it claims to do. If you're a regular reader, you may have already seen my brief brief review of this product in a recent post where I sang its praises and my positive opinion hasn't changed. This fine mist is the perfect toner for cooling and settling down your skin after your cleansing routine morning or night and can be sprayed directly onto the face with the excess being gently removed by patting it with a cloth or cotton pad, or sprayed onto a cotton pad and gently smoothed over the skin. I do the latter as the one down side to this product is it can dry out your more sensitive skin areas such as around your eyes a little too much so I purposefully avoid those areas.

If you have dry skin patches, this will probably make them worse as it is designed to mattify and keep the skin from going shiny so make sure you are directing the product at the specific areas you need it if you *do* use it. I've noticed a significant difference in how often I need to blot or powder my face throughout the day as I've been using this in both my morning and evening routines but I do need to counteract this toner spray and the cleanser combo by making sure to use a nourishing moisturiser for an evening because the two products together really do soak up oil.

The two products together work beautifully but do make sure to give any areas of your face that tend to get a little bit dry at times some extra TLC at first - I got some horrible flaky patches on my forehead and around my smile lines when first using both products in my routine. A little bit of extra moisturiser and a good spritz of The Body Shop's Vitamin E face spray sorted those out though! Seeing as oily skin usually results in acne too, I can honestly say these two products do a great job at aiding in the fight against the blemishes. My acne has been less noticeable (so much so, I've given up on wearing foundation - that is huge for me. I'll be writing a wee post about it soon so keep your eyes peeled for that), but new spots have also become less frequent and when they do appear, they're little manageable white heads instead of the large rock-hard bumps I used to get which could be painful for weeks at a time. I think for the price point, these two products are fantastic and if you are working with a small budget for your skin care as much as brands such as Simple are great value for money, if you need something that really packs a punch with fighting excess sebum and oil, these guys are what you should spend your money on. Get yourself a good moisturiser that can be worn morning and night which gives your skin a good injection of hydration and you won't need anything else to have a solid, working skin care routine.

- A.
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