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Why I Wear Makeup

In the last few weeks I've ditched my foundation and been embracing my imperfections and it really got me thinking about how long I've been doing my makeup daily and why I do the process every morning. As I've been thinking about talking about why I'm ditching the foundation and just trying to deal with the acne and the dark circles and the black heads and redness, it kind of made sense to talk about why I was wearing it in the first place.

Since year 7 at school (11-12 years old) I started wearing makeup. I got my hands on the cheapest "ivory" liquid foundation (you know the ones; they aren't from an actual brand and are sold in the same stores your mam will buy everything from wool to garden furniture from. Yep, one of *those* foundations,) which was actually closer to a shade of peach than something for a porcelain queen to wear. Of course before "big school" I dabbled in the glittery gel eyeshadows, the bright blue and purple mascara, and glitter hairspray, but the routine of wearing everyday makeup happened quite young and it was definitely because of school and pressure. I jumped on the period bandwagon at a young age so of course, I was experiencing all the break outs whilst others still had lovely skin and low and behold, my skin is still a mess now. Wearing foundation - even if it did leave the dreaded line around my jawline - was a safety blanket for a lass dealing with the start of acne who didn't really know about concealer, good skincare, and everything else a lot of young teens seem to know now.

I can remember wearing a bright baby blue eyeshadow most days because the Sabrina the Teenage Witch magazine said it made blue eyes *pop* and wearing the stickiest lipgloss known to mankind because it came free in my Bliss magazine. I think it's natural for all young people, girls in particular, to want to experiment with makeup because it's something that is advertised every way you turn and I don't just mean in the media and various beauty-related industries, but also when you're sat on your mam's bed watching her get ready for a night out with dad or seeing your aunty wearing the most hilarious 90's peel off face mask so she "looks nice when she goes to see her boyfriend tomorrow". This isn't me having a dig at it being so blatant everywhere you look, but I do think it is the catalyst for me wearing makeup and then add in the teen imperfections, you can see why it all started. And now? Now it's even more prevalent. Through beauty blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and online columns and mags its even easier to be told what to wear and how to wear it so it never surprises me anymore that the girls in my year 7 classes have got a stronger contour and nicer blended brows than me.

I still struggle with being completely bare-faced in public but now my reasons have changed. Now I'm more concerned with how shiny and greasy my oily skin can become if I haven't prepped and primed it before leaving the house. Now I'm concerned about the fact that my eyebrows are so sparse and light in colour that they're almost nonexistent rather than worrying about what someone will say about the cluster of "mates" that have popped up on my forehead over night. But now I'm also fully embracing the fact that I enjoy wearing makeup. Whereas it used to be more of a necessity to wear it for me, it's now become a choice and a way to be constantly creative in a small way. I love buying a crazy coloured lipstick that "shouldn't work" and not even caring if it does or it doesn't - it's fun, it's different, and I will wear a blue lip if I want to. I like that I can give my Casper the Ghost self a sun-kissed glow in a matter of minutes with what is essentially a pan of brown powder I've swiped all over my face, I like that I can change the shape of my eyes with some strategically applied eyeshadow and maybe a slick of liquid liner. It is a creative outlet that I get to dabble in every morning and for that reason I don't think I will ever stop wearing makeup. Whilst I might be content with wearing no foundation at the moment, I still love a good lipstick, I feel empowered when them eyebrows are looking full and dark, I feel so much more confident when I've concealed those dark circles and enhanced those already long lashes by giving them a full black coat, I just love how it all can make me feel. So I guess what I'm really saying in this post is just to be cliché and suggest "you keep doing *you*". Ignore those who say "you look better without all that makeup" and "that shade doesn't suit you". Makeup is there for you to pick and choose what you do with it and if you can't use it how you want to, then what's the point? You wear what you want, style and colour your hair how you want, so don't let it be any different for your beautiful face.

Why do you wear makeup? Or do you not and why not? I'd love to know!

- A.
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