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Bury Me With It

Happy Halloween you lovely bunch! My Happy Halloween is being spent at work - my first day back after a glorious week off, so unfortunately, on the run up to this day I didn't have the opportunity to do a themed fashion-related post. However if you're following me on Snapchat or Instagram and look at My Story, you will have had already seen me completely lose it over this shirt las week when the parcel arrived on my doorstep. But for those of you who didn't have the joy of witnessing me lose my shit over this, I now present you with this blog post. And you know what, it's a second chance for you lot who did see me lose it to see me gushing about it again because it's the gift that just keeps on giving - you lucky buggers. I absolutely love this shirt and if I am not buried wearing this, faced down so everyone can bask in the glory of the back of it, I will haunt the life and soul out of those responsible for giving me a more dignified send off. The shirt itself isn't *the best* quality as it's quite thin, kind of cheap material which will undoubtedly click a lot, bobble/bubble, and just generally show wear and tear easily, but the back of it makes it worth every penny.

The whole thing is embroidered and the fact that it's a scorpion with pretty girly flowers just melts my heart. It's the perfect design and colour palette. Teamed with a simple outfit to let it be the focus and to let it speak for itself is definitely my favourite way to wear it and I'm 100% considering buying it again just so I have a spare for when this one dies a death because let's face it... I already know I'm going to have a meltdown the day that happens!

Topshop Embroidered Shirt | Primark Leggings | Asos Fedora (similar) |
Poor Boy Vintage Saddle Bag via Asos Marketplace | Asos Loafers

- A.
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