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Chill(y) Days

Fashion/style blogging is a strange realm. You feel responsible to stay up to date with trends, you can feel obliged to buy all the new crazes and styles, but still need to try and have your own unique spin because I mean, no one needs to see another minimalist style that you've seen on the last 37 blog pages right? But it's a tricky one because no matter what, your style is going to be similar to someone elses but we need to accept that and be okay with it. We also need to accept that fashion blogging isn't a catwalk with a rotation of clothes and income that can afford to live that lifestyle. So now that I've said that, here's a lazy thrown-together "typical" Amyleigh outfit that didn't have an awful lot of thought put into it but it is comfortable, "fashionable" enough, and ties in the western/boho but minimal effort look I like to go for most days.

Primark V-Neck Tee (similar) | Topshop Plaid Shirt (similar) | Asos High Waisted Jeans | New Look Faux Leather Jacket | Asos Fedora (similar) | Topshop Fringe Suede Bag (similar) | Jeffrey Campbell Boots

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