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Nails Fit for Fall

Nail polish is something I'm rarely seen without because I hate my hands therefore nail polish often makes them look acceptable (in my eyes anyway). Although I'm a big believer in wearing whatever the hell you want when it comes to makeup all year round, there is certain sort of colour palette I gravitate towards depending on the time of year - especially when it comes to nails. In the summer I like the more bold greens, blues, oranges and even pinks (I'm so not a pink girl) and in the colder months, I like more muted and dark shades like most gals. Black is my ultimate go-to at this time of year so it's what I use most often, but I thought I'd give you a quick run down of the shades I've been reaching for the most (other than black) since the leaves started to change colour.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shines in 'Mustard' and 'Paprika' | £3.99 each: I blogged about these particular colours/formulas this time last year on NB but they're still going strong and still some of my absolute fave colours to wear; especially during autumn. Mustard yellow is my all-time favourite colour and I love having the option to pop it into any outfit palette by wearing it as a beauty item rather than a clothing item. Every time I wear it, I do look at it and think "I kind of look like my nails are just gross and infected" but I also like it so make of that what you will. My other favourite colour is 110% rusty/burnt orange shades so Paprika is a firm favourite. I wear both of these colours all year round because they're my actual favourite colours, but they look particularly good during the autumnal months. The formula of the Barry M Gellys is very long lasting, high shine, and I find they only really start to chip after about a week of continuous wear/if you haven't used a top and bottom coat and for £3.99 each, you can't really go wrong.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 'Island Hopping' | £1.60 each: Judging by the name of this one I'm guessing it's actually supposed to be a summer nail colour but oh well. Essence are definitely one of my go-to budget brands when I was ultra affordable makeup but their nail varnishes took me by surprise because they're so good for such a great price. These gel formulas are supposed to mimic what gel salon nails offer so they're supposed to be long wearing and chip resistant and would you have guessed it - they are! You do need to build up the coats with this polish (up to 3 coats sometimes) but each layer dries quite quickly and once you've done your nails you can feel confident with knowing the colour won't chip for a good 5 or 6 days. I really love this colour as it's a deep emeraldy/ocean/turquoise kind of colour that matches mustard yellows, warm burnt oranges, deep burgundies, and navy blues really well making it a nice autumn shade to wear. Unfortunately, I can't find this exact shade on Wilko's website, but I've linked a similar shade called 'Wild and Free' which I desperately want to pick up ASAP. It's a beautiful metallic but gel deep green - perfect for A/W!

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shines in 'Bleu Asphalte' and 'Beige Glamour' | £5.99 each: You may have noticed I tend to like polishes that promise a high shine because I am *not* about that matte nail varnish life. My second favourite nail formula comes in the form of these Bourjois Ultra Shines as they are yep, you guessed it, very high shine, they dry down quite quickly so they're fuss free, and they albeit small colour range is a good one. For this time of year specifically, I love to pull out Bleu Asphalte as it's a gorgeous unusual colour that I haven't seen from any other brand. It's a really deep grey shade that has a kind of blue/purple tone to it which looks beautiful on the nails. These polishes are very pigmented too and you can honestly get away with just one coat if you're strained for time. My second fave is Beige Glamour which isn't beige at all but is that lovely blush/rusty pink colour we've seen popping up all over late summer/early autumn fashion trends. As it's such a deep pink shade, it looks especially nice during the colder months but again, this is a one I go back to time and time again throughout the year.

These Ultra Shines promise 7 days of wear and I would totally agree - just like the Barry M Gelly formula, they don't really chip which is excellent. Bourjois are actually my favourite brand for understated nail colours as all of their formulas are great and the colour range is a nice neutral palette with the odd red or bright shade thrown in there to compliment the other unique shades. They also have the most comfortable handle to use out of all of my polishes as it's quite chunky but fits into my tiny hands nicely making the application really smooth, fuss free, and even.

Models Own Colour Chrome in 'Rose' | £4.99 each: Now for the only metallic polish I've been rocking a lot lately. I've blogged about these polishes before so I won't repeat myself too much, but of course I've been reaching for this light coppery/rose gold shade often lately. It's a colour that is still really on trend in general but it's also a nice change in my usual nail colour choices as it's not a gel-like high shine nail and it's a little bit different to the other metallic/foil shades from other drugstore brands at the moment. I also like wearing the silver and gold shades of this polish but the rose gold doesn't seem to be as readily available from other brands so it's a nice more unique nail option when I want a more sparkly nail.

Barry M Nail Paint in 'Berry Cosmo' | £2.99 each: Would it really be an autumnal beauty post if I didn't mention a burgundy/berry coloured product? Barry M will forever be my favourite nail range and their original nail paints have such a great extensive colour range for such an affordable price. They're not as high shine or long wearing as their Gelly range but they're still pretty darn good. There's a few different deep plummy/berry/burgundy shades in the range that look lovely during this time of the year but I've been reaching for Berry Cosmo the most this year. It's exactly what it says on the tin: a true purple berry shade that looks lovely against my pale skin. Another favourite is Raspberry which is extremely similar in colour but it has a more red undertone to it if you prefer that kind of burgundy shade.

- A.
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