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The Alternative Autumn Lip Edit

As soon as late September/early October rolls around, we all seem to go pumpkin spiced latte bananas and don every scarf and knitted clothing item we own in anticipation for trudging through fallen leaves on crisp cold days. Another thing we all seem to get far too excited about is lipstick. Autumn/Fall is that time of year we all seem to "goth up" a little bit and wear the dark berry, mulberry, and pretty much black lipstick shades because it's autumn and that's what we do. Although I'm a huge fan of everything autumn - including the deep dark lip shades it celebrates - me and my black hair can sometimes want a different option during the cold months as teamed with my pale skin, a dark lip and dark hair can sometimes look a little too intense.

So with that said, I figured I'd give you guys a run down on some of my top lipstick choices for the start of autumn that aren't your typical dark burgundy choices. Of course there's a couple of those thrown in there for good measure, but this autumn I'm trying to take a step back from the norm lip colour and wear a little more of the autumn palette I love so much in more ways. So give me the deep warm browns, the rusty orange/autumn leaves shades for my lips too because if they're good enough for my knitwear options then they're good enough for my face too.

Fall Lipstick Swatches
From left to right: Lime Crime Velvetines Shroom and Buffy, Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen,
Topshop's Lip Bullet in Motel, Lime Crime Perlees in Penny and Third Eye

My number one choice all year round (but particularly in the colder months) are matte liquid lipsticks. The formula of these products are my favourite for when the weather starts to get chilly because colder weather = scarf weather and there is nothing worse than your lipstick transferring to you scarf. I'm a big big blanket scarf lover so I inevitably look ridiculous and wrap up probably too much but it also means that lipstick can become a bit of a faff depending on what outfit I'm wearing. So I always rely heavily on my Lime Crime Velvetines (£15.38 each) during this time of the year. Although the shade "Wicked" is a firm fall favourite for me, the two shades I'm trying to wear more this autumn are "Shroom" and "Buffy". Shroom is a true camel brown that is really warm in colour and can look quite striking against my dark hair and pale skin. The tones of it really bring out the blue in my eyes and I think it will look gorgeous when I go for autumn wanders around the forest once the leaves have turned a similar shade. On the other hand, Buffy is a more mauve nude shade and is more cool toned as a result. This still looks lovely on the lips though and especially looks good with a more plummy/intense blush colour. This shade is a little more wearable than Shroom, but I also need to pick up the shades Rustic, Pumpkin, and Saddle for this time of the year.

Another matte liquid lippie fave at the moment is the Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipstick in the shade "Exotic". As you can see from the swatch, this shade is a lovely rich warm nude but it dries down to a more intense, dark shade when on my lips so it's perfect for that fall colour palette. The formula of these liquid lips are really comfortable but matte and don't budge when you're eating. I find them slightly more comfortable to wear than the Lime Crime Velvetines so if you're after something similar for a cheaper price point (they retail for £6.5o each) that also has a great range of specifically nude shades, check out the Nyx Lingeries.

Autumn/Fall Lipstick Swatches
From left to right: Lime Crime Velvetines Shroom and Buffy, Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen,
Topshop's Lip Bullet in Motel, Lime Crime Perlees in Penny and Third Eye

Nyx are so good when it comes to lip products it will be no surprise to see one of their Soft Matte Lip Creams (£5.5o each) in this line up. I've blogged about them before so I won't bore you but the shade Copenhagen is perfect for autumn. I find it goes on quite bright on my lips and is much more of a vibrant berry tone than a dark intense one so it's a nice change to the traditional vampy lip. Two other more creamy but quite mattifying/hard to budge products I love are the Lime Crime Perlees which retail for around £13.84 each. I have blogged about these bad boys in detail on NB before too but what I will say is I'm still having a major love affair with the shade, Penny. Penny is exactly what it says on the tin - it's a penny/copper orange shade that just looks gorgeous at this time of the year. As Penny and the shade Third Eye (a mulberry pinky red shade) are metallic lipsticks, they give a little variety to my otherwise matte lipstick wardrobe and look great both day and night. These lippies are very creamy and nourishing to apply yet still hold most of the day making them a pretty great alternative if you find matte lipsticks too drying.

My last choice is something I reach for all year round but is a nice curve ball to throw in amongst these quite intense colours. The Topshop Lip Bullet in Motel (£8.oo) is one of my go-to nude shades which is slightly more brown/darker than my natural lip colour but it's a nice option for a day when you just don't feel like going too bold with your lips. Unlike the other Topshop bullets, Motel is not matte and is incredibly creamy and moisturising which is so comfortable to wear even on long days. The creaminess of this product shouldn't put you off though as the shine of the product does dull down and for such a smooth/hydrating formula it does actually last quite well on the lips.

What are some of your favourite lip products to wear this autumn?

- A.
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