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Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

It's been a few weeks now, but I think the majority of the UK beauty enthusiasts have been parading in the streets after the launch of Kat Von D's makeup line in Debenhams. Kat Von D Beauty has been a brand I have bought a couple of items from before (the shade and light contour palette and contour/eye palette too) but I just couldn't justify paying the shipping charges any more so I was ecstatic when I heard the announcement that she was teaming up with Debenhams to bring the brand to her UK fans. Because I've been wearing no foundation lately, the idea of purchasing the lock-it foundation had dwindled away but there was one product in particular that I was still absolutely burning to try and of course, it was the 'everlasting' liquid lipsticks.

It's no secret that here at NB I'm a huge fan of the liquid lip. I'm still not over the trend or over the product and despite how mattifying, drying, and almost butt-hole-look creating some lippies can be, I will still try a variety of brands and new releases because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect formula and the unusual and unique colours that seems to be a more exclusive aspect of this lip formula. So when faced with the Kat Von D 'everlasting' liquid lipstick choices, I was 110% overwhelmed as the shade range is fantastic. There is currently a selection of 26 shades which range from your nudes and muted brown-tone pinks, right up to your bright oranges, dark vampy reds and bright plums and violets, to the striking goth greys. There was one colour I knew I had to pick up though and that was Lolita II. Lolita II looked like the most perfect slightly terracotta, brick, brown, I-don't-even-know shade and I needed to try it. It was added straight to my basket whilst I pondered over what else to try. Although the shades "A-Go-Go" (bright orange) and "Echo" (dark grey blue) were catching my eye, I thought I'd play it sensible and purchase a classic red because nudes and reds are what I go for the most and although I am wearing bright oranges more and more, they're not really *that* great for this time of year. After looking at a million different blog posts and YouTube videos of swatches, where honestly the shades Santa Sangre and Outlaw looked pretty much the same, I settled on Outlaw and popped it through the checkout too.

When they arrived I instantly ripped through the gorgeous packaging and had Lolita II on my lips within seconds. First of all, can we talk about that packaging in a bit more detail? I'm not so secretly a big ol' goth so Kat Von D's aesthetic speaks volumes to me. Both the cardboard and the actual product packaging is gorgeous and I think for the £16 price tag, it's a lot nicer than some higher price point liquid lip options. However I would say the packaging looks like it will not take a beating that well as my Lolita II tube's name and some of the lid pattern has already started to wear off - so that's something to bear in mind if you're someone like me who just throws their lipstick in their bag without much thought or care! The lipsticks are in long, sleek, slender tubes which are a little different to most regular, more stubby and short tubes. Of course because of this longer packaging choice, the actual wand for the lipstick is extremely long - longer than any other lip product I have ever used. When I first pulled out the wand I've got to be honest - I did find the wand a little daunting to use because I was so used to using something shorter that I was worried this longer wand would have a lack of control over it. As soon as I started applying the product though all my concerns melted away. The wand has your typical doe foot applicator style and the product glides onto the lips effortlessly. After using these lipsticks a few times now, I can honestly say that I find these liquid lipsticks the easiest and quickest to apply in my whole collection and they're the ones I am least likely to overdraw with or make a mess with and I think it's all down to that ridiculously long wand.

So now let's talk formula. As I just said, I think the product glides onto the lips really easily. It is advertised as being moisturising and packed full of natural goodness such as vitamin E and sunflower seed wax with no parabens in sight. It's very creamy, extremely pigmented, and doesn't instantly dry which is a bonus. I've always been a fan of the Lime Crime Velvetines but I find some of their liquid lippies dry down extremely fast making them a product you have to work with with speed. These everlasting lipsticks on the other hand stay creamy for a short time giving you ample time to move the product around and create an even layer. They're so pigmented that I only have to apply one thin coat which is music to my ears as having to apply thicker or more layers often results in flaky and cakey lips and no one wants that. Because of this thin one-coat application, the product is feather-light on your lips meaning it is really comfortable to wear - so comfortable in fact that I often forget I have it on! I find once it dries down, it does settle into the fine lines/grooves of my natural lips which is to be expected from this kind of product, but it doesn't make them actually look dry which is mega important. My lips still look healthy and don't look like shrivelled up old prunes so that's always a bonus.

From left to right: 'Lolita II' and 'Outlaw'

My one big test with every liquid lip is eating food and reapplication afterwards. The whole point of liquid lipsticks is that they should be long wearing and more durable compared to the traditional bullet lip option. After eating greasy pizza, drinking cider, and cups of tea, Outlaw actually lasted quite well. I quickly went to the bathroom after finishing my pizza on my date out with Matt and yeah, I did have the halo effect where the product had been removed towards the centre of my lips, but it wasn't as noticeable as it could have been. I whipped the lipstick out of my bag and reapplied it. After a minute it had dried down and I was *so* happy to see that it hadn't started to flake or cake over the top of the remaining product. It glided over it easily and didn't stick to it or dry down to a darker colour over those areas like some other liquid lipsticks I own do.

Overall I think these lipsticks are more than worth their price tag. They're packaged beautifully, have a good range of colours to suit every skin tone and then some, and the formula of them just works wonderfully. You get 6.6ml of product for the £16 price point and I think that is pretty damn good. As you can possibly see from the pictures above, Lolita II has been used to death already as my tube looks about half full now but that is testament to how much I enjoy wearing this product. I still think The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes are my all-time favourite liquid lips but I've got a sneaky suspicion that once I get my hands on some more of the shades from Kat Von D that these everlasting guys might just take the top spot...

- A.
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