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Kickflares & Casual

Kickflares have been a cut of denim that seems to have taken the fashion blogging world and the high street stores by storm. If you had worn slightly cropped flared trousers a few years ago, people would have assumed you'd grown out of your clothes and you were wearing "Harry Half-masts" (did anyone else have this delightful slang term at school for people who's trousers were too short for them?). Flash forward to now though and they're absolutely everywhere. At first I just didn't see the appeal. Why would you want a pair of Harries? But the more I saw them styled up on various blog posts, the more I fell in love. I didn't want to venture into Topshop or onto Asos' site and buy a pair though - I already have more than enough denim crowding my wardrobe so getting more just seemed silly - especially if it was going to be a trend that would only be around for a month or two.

So to get around it I got scissor-happy with an old pair of flares I don't wear often enough because they're too long for me. Getting rid of about 6 inches meant that they would fit where I wanted them to and I wouldn't have that "needing to buy petite sizes but also my legs are kinda long for my height so should I buy the regular size" debacle I usually have when buying things for my bottom half. After using the blade of the scissors and a cheese grater, the ends looked ragged and hem free like the others in store and I saved myself about £40. Bargain. If you're ever unsure of a new trend, check out what you've got available to you in your wardrobe already because chances are, there's something you can DIY in there.

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