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The Shadow Switch Hype

If you're remotely involved in social media, particularly the platforms used by many beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, you're bound to have seen the latest craze to sweep through the beauty community called "Shadow Switch". Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials is a product which tons of people have been trying out with their eyeshadow brushes and after reading several posts about it, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to grab one to test for myself. You can pick up Shadow Switch from Amazon for around £5.99 so I ordered one and it arrived through my letterbox a few days later.

As the name implies, Shadow Switch allows you to quickly "clean" your eyeshadow brushes during use so you can use the same brush with multiple colours and the colours won't transfer and blend so you don't need to have an arsenal of brushes ready for one eye look. When it arrived I quickly ripped off the packaging and was a little bit surprised with the cheap box it came in. I do like nice packaging but it's not the be all and end all for me however the box this guy came in was screaming "the Pound Shop" to me but I told myself that didn't matter - it was the contents that counted. The whole product comes in a bog-standard tin that you often see beard balm or moustache wax products come in with the slightly gross loud Barbie pink "Shadow Switch" logo sticker on the lid of it. Once you pop off the lid, you are greeted with the cleaning product which is a sponge.

Now I'm not going to lie - even before I purchased it, I thought this product just looked like a glorified brillo-pad (you know those metal scourer sponges you or your mam definitely have under your kitchen sink?) and looking at the product now in my hands, I felt exactly the same. You can remove the sponge from the tin by just pulling it out and it is just a flat circle sponge like a burger patty. The sponge is a little softer than a scourer sponge though so I was intrigued to see how it actually worked. Once I had applied my makeup, I started to do my eyes and once I had applied my base colour, I swirled the brush over the sponge surface to get rid of the colour. I was so surprised to see just how well it worked! The sponge does a brilliant job of pushing the brush bristles back and forth to get rid of any shadow product retained in the brush and it collects in the sponge. This worked really well for my fluffier eyeshadow brushes and even darker shades were removed enough meaning that I could confidently apply the next colour without worrying if there was still some residue from the last shade on the brush. As you can probably see from the photos, the brushes still retain some of the eyeshadow colour, but this doesn't transfer onto the skin so its not a problem!

Now I know most people like to use fluffy blending brushes for most of their eye makeup application, but I straight up love using those cheap sponge applicators you usually get free with eyeshadow products from the drugstore. I like using these sponge brushes because they're so affordable to replace but they're also great for packing on colour. I like to use them to apply base colours usually or if I need to really pack on a shadow that isn't that pigmented and then I will go in with a fluffy blending brush to sort out the edges. So naturally because I use these sort of brushes, I needed to see if they could be cleaned using the Shadow Switch too. And would you believe it - it does a pretty good job?! It definitely doesn't remove all of the product, but it does manage to get the majority of the eyeshadow off the flat, dense sponge applicator which is all I really need it to do as I only ever use quite neutral nude shades with these brushes anyway.

All in all don't let this cheap product deceive you. The packaging might not be the nicest or the most glamorous amongst your makeup stash, but if you don't have the funds or the space to buy and store various eyeshadow brushes, definitely pick this guy up first and see if it works for you. I don't know how long the product will last and I have to work out if it's going to still work after I wash it or if that will kill the effect of it, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see this simple sponge in a pot works magic on my makeup brushes. Also just as a side note - I use a flat brush to pack on my translucent face powder on the areas of my face I get oily and it does a grand job of freshening that up a bit too so it isn't just limited to your eyeshadow utensils!

- A.
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