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When it comes to travelling, I've become better and better over the years at packing and making sure I take only the essentials. I used to be a kitchen sink and then some sort of packer, but as I've grown older I guess I've grown out of that and feel a sense of accomplishment if I manage to pack light. I tend to not worry so much now about taking 87 outfit choices with me, I take only 2 pairs of shoes instead of 16, and I no longer take every single lipstick option "just in case". As I've gotten better, I've noticed a running theme with my makeup choices for travelling so I thought I'd share. I do take a variety of makeup options with me when I'm visiting somewhere, but there's some products that I just couldn't deal without - especially when I know its a time of festivities and celebrations therefore I will be feeling very tired and probably looking it too! I like products that will hide the fact that I'm having less sleep than normal and probably sporting more hangovers than normal (read: sporting my annual hangover because I don't really drink). So here's what I can't live without or look remotely human without:

Okay so concealer is a lifesaver. I have a few favourite concealers but two I definitely turn to when I need to look awake and healthy are the Rimmel Wake Me Up and the Seventeen Skin Wow! concealers. Despite not liking it at first, the Rimmel Wake Me Up has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. The fairest shade is quite yellow and a little bit too dark for my pale skin however the light reflecting particles in it make my under eye area instantly look healthier and less tired so I don't mind how much extra blending I have to do. To counteract the yellowness of it, I always apply the Seventeen's Skin Wow! concealer on top. The fairest shade of this concealer is very salmony but gives a gorgeous dewy healthy sheen to the under eye and again, reflects light really well so is a great one for dark tired eyes. I use both of these together as I find they blend out quite sheer but once powdered, they instantly make my eyes look more awake and alive which is just what I need when I've been day drinking 3 for £10 cocktails with my partner in crime.

Sticking with eyes, something else I think makes a world of difference is some eyeshadow. I have so many favourites and favourite palettes yet I always travel with this L'Oréal Color Riche La Palette Nude Beige palette. I've done a review about this guy on NB before and honestly, it's not the most amazing palette but I love travelling with it because of it's sleek and travel-friendly design and it has all the neutral colour options I could possibly want. The shadows can be a little chalky at first, but with a little warming up and blending, they can become buttery soft and not intense - this palette isn't the most pigmented but I kind of like that about it. I can create some really subtle natural eye looks with these shadows - even with the shimmers - and that's why I always reach for it. Doing my makeup is my last desire when I'm inevitably hungover over the festive period so this makes it easy to look awake and not dehydrated without looking *too much* like you made an effort.

If you couldn't tell by now, I think a healthy eye area can make all the difference to your appearance so my last trusty tool is eyelash curlers. Honestly, I don't usually use them however they're great when you want a more dramatic lash without the use of falsies and can easily open the eyes and make them appear bigger which is a must for me when I'm tired.

My last couple of little helpers are all about my complexion and making sure I look alive. I'm a pale girl anyway but when I'm tired, ill, hungover etc. it's even more noticeable but not in a good way. I always run the risk of looking practically grey-skinned during the winter/Christmas period so to fight against that gorgeous look I rely on blush and highlighter. Essence's Silky/Satin Touch Blush's are some of my favourite for this job as although I prefer a matte blush, these ever-so-slightly shimmering ones give you such a lovely natural-looking flush and glow to the cheeks. So if you really can't be bothered with sorting your face out one morning, you can just pop this on the apples of the cheeks and not worry about anything else. If I can be bothered though, I will always add a bit of the much loved The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer to the high points of my face. This highlighter is a favourite for many people because it's so good and although I've been reaching for a more natural highlight lately, this is the one I always go back to because it can be worn sheer and be built up and I mean come on, try and tell me it's not one of the best options for the festive time of year? You can look like an actual piece of tinsel and no one will even question it. Marvellous.

- A.
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