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Sailor Sweater

Okay so it's definitely getting to that time of year now when I'm either all about layering and actually making an effort with my appearance and making it all work or I'm wearing a chunky jumper and comfy clothes. And that's what's going on here. I love these vintage mom jeans that fit my waist/butt really well but are the right level of baggy everywhere else to keep them comfy and they're a nice thick denim so although I wear them rolled up, they are still super warm. I got this Boohoo jumper last winter in a couple of different colours and I'm pleased to see they still have them in stock this winter because they're a great option if you want something warm and cosy but with a twist. Now obviously, due to the splits at the sides, I'd recommend wearing a cami etc underneath unless you're wearing a big coat, but the flash of flesh at the side also gives an otherwise boring outfit a little something. Having the splits helps petite Pollys like myself stay in proportion too. I absolutely love that neverending trend of wearing dresses/long tunics etc with trousers and playing around with proportions but being 5 ft 2 on a good day means it's kind of hard to do it and *actually* look cool.

Teamed with my favourite style of hat for blustery windy days and some flat but interesting loafers gives this outfit a bit more attitude and I feel quite tomboy-ish in it which is usually a comfort zone for me. I also think I've got a bit of a fishermen vibe going on here and honestly? I'm kind of okay with that too...

Boohoo Split Jumper | Asos Belt | Vintage Levis via Oh Lover Vintage (similar) | H&M Hat (similar) |
Glamorous Bag (similar) | Topshop Leopard Ponyhair Loafers (similar)

- A.
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