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The Beauty Ride or Die Tag

Hello folks! Some of you might have become familiar with the "ride or die" tag that seemed to be doing the rounds on YouTube in particular a couple of months back. It was the wonderful beauty-aficionado's dream when YT popular Jaclyn Hill created it and it has since took the beauty vlogging world by storm. The whole premise of the tag is that you need to talk about your ride or die beauty products i.e. if you could only use one product for the rest of your life from each category, which would you choose. You will all know by now that I love makeup but the thought of not having my full ever-growing collection at my disposal fills me with dread - even if that does sound shallow and superficial it's true and therefore I won't apologise for it! So I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and do my own little super quick ride or die of my fave products for various bits of your mush. So here's my top picks:

- Primer: The Body Shop's All-in-One Instablur Primer | £14.OO:
I've raved about this primer so so much over the last year on NB so it should be no surprise to see it here. This quite silicone-feeling primer is my absolute all-time favourite and I use it on a pretty much daily basis. It helps keep my oils at bay, keeps my skin looking plump and smooths over imperfection pretty darn well. It also holds my concealer and foundation in place all day and stops my makeup from causing irritation/spot breakouts on my face too. Such a good product.
- Foundation: Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation | £12.99: Although I haven't been wearing foundation since July, I thought I'd still mention my ultimate choice if I was to ever reach for one again. I've always loved Revlon's Colorstay, Esteé Lauder's Double Wear, and more recently, the L'Oréal Magique Cushion Foundation however this one beats them all to the punch. It is an all-in-one product so it could be used as a concealer and primer too but I've always just used it as my foundation step and I ruddy love it. It gives great coverage without looking fake and too heavy, it still lets your natural skin show through yet hides imperfections really well and it doesn't break up and move around my face throughout the day which is a miracle for such an oily-skinned girl. If you want a more in-depth review of this product, check out this post.

- Concealer: NYX HD Concealer | £5.5O / Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer £4.19: I know I know, I'm being sneaky and putting two products here but hear me out. The Collection Lasting Perfection would be my ultimate concealer choice just due to it being great under the eyes hiding dark circles and also for spot concealing as it has amazing coverage. The NYX HD Concealer is very very similar in the formula of it however I would probably now choose this one as my ride or die as it has better colour options - especially for a pale yellow-toned girl like myself - and their colour correcting ones (lavender, orange, green etc.) are exceptionally good for drugstore prices.
Powder: NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder: I almost chose the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder here but honestly? I still always prefer the NYC option. It's a fantastic dupe for it that retails for below £5 and it's just a brilliant translucent powder. It doesn't go chalky, it doesn't oxidise, it doesn't go cakey - it's just an all-round fab product. The only downside is that it seems to be getting more and more difficult to get a hold of it in the UK so I tend to stock up on Amazon as I'm terrified it will become unavailable soon!

Colour Enhancing Setting:
- Cheeks & Temples: The Balm's The Manizer Sisters | £18.OO:
Am I cheating or being really savvy picking just one product for all the colour-enhancing parts of the makeup process? Either way I had to choose The Balm's Luminzer palette as it's just so handy and convenient with some lovely products inside. Although I tend to like matte blushers more, I do love the Cindy-Lou blush shade despite it being shimmery. The shimmer isn't too intense though so even teamed with the other shades in this palette, it doesn't make you look to discoball-esque. Betty Lou is also a lovely bronzing shade which again, has shimmer in it but I don't think it makes you look like a beam of light so adding it to the cheeks and the temples warms up my face nicely and gives my skin a healthy glow. The beacon of radiance and light is reserved for the highly-coveted, Mary Lou. This highlighter is such a gorgeous universal shade that everyone can wear and it's a lovely mix of gold and more pearlescent shimmer which is probably my most favourite highlight shade.
Contour & Bronzing: Topshop's Bronzer | £9.OO I might be okay with using Betty Lou to bronze up my face and soul but if I need to contour too then I would have to choose the bronzers from Topshop. I don't have a specific favourite colour between Mohawk and Salute but both of them are lovely buttery soft and easy to blend matte bronzers that can double up as contour as I don't find them too warm on my pale skin so they would be my ultimate choice.

Eyes & Eyebrows:
- Eyebrows: Sleek Eyebrow Kit | £8.49:
No matter what, I will always come back to this wee palette for my brows. I can get this palette in the shade Extra Dark which is a pretty good match for my dark hair without looking too intense and the palette lasts a lifetime. I use both the coloured wax and the powder and they're both such versatile options that can be used to create a really bold brow or a subtle and natural look.
- Eyeshadow: Essence's All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette | £4.OO: I really struggled with this choice but I think this little £4 option would actually be my top one. I tend to like wearing shimmer eyeshadows the most because I have quite hooded eyes and shimmers brighten them up so this is a palette I reach for a lot. I love all the shades, I find them really easy to blend, the pigmentation and colour pay-off is brill and it's only £4. So good. If you want to see swatches etc. make sure to check out my post, here.
- Mascara: Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara | £7.99 : I don't really wear eyeliner so I haven't included it in this post but one thing I can't live without is a good mascara. I have quite long and relatively full eyelashes so mascara is a must for me to enhance them. This is a recent discovery for me but by far my favourite mascara ever. I tend to try all different brands and formulas of mascara but this is the first one I feel really loyal to. It's just a great formula that coats the lashes well and keeps them really black, keeps them full and curled, and believe it or not it is cry-proof despite not being waterproof. I know.

- Lipliner: Rimmel's Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses LipLiner in 'O11 Spice':
Rimmel's lipliners are generally my favourite no matter what but if I had to pick a specific one, it would without a doubt be the shade, Spice. It's a really nice red brick/terracotta brown shade that looks unique and slightly different on everyone. It's a creamy yet matte and not-budging formula and costs next to nothing. Definitely my ride or die.
- Lipstick: L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Reds in 'Julianne' | £6.99: I own a lot of lipsticks and even I was surprised with my choice for this. I really like this lipstick despite hating it the first few times I wore it. The formula of these lipsticks is very creamy, very moisturising and therefore they can be a little sheer at times and transfer a lot however, I love this one especially. The shade Julianne is perfect for pale girls and is a lovely vibrant bright red that looks classic and effortless no matter what. I chose red because despite wearing it less and less, it is my favourite lip colour to wear and this formula makes it look almost natural too which is weirdly great.
- The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in 'Honest' | £13.5O: This was a no-brainer for me. I absolutely adore Lime Crime's Velvetines but The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes range just takes the top spot for me. It's incredibly comfortable to wear, it's long-lasting even when food and drink is involved, and the lipsticks smell *amazing*. My ride or die shade would be Honest as it is a lovely peachy coral/pink/nude/I don't even know how to describe it, shade, that I haven't found in any other brand's colour range.

- A.
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