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The Style Slump

Ladies and gents... It's happening and it's happening hard. I'm in a massive style slump and I don't know what to do about it or how I go about getting out of it. Everything I put on lately doesn't feel like "me" but they're all my clothes - how can I not feel like me?! I had a pretty sizeable clear-out on eBay last month and sold a bunch of stuff but I'll be honest, I think I'm going to be selling *a lot* more of my belongings in 2017 because I just feel so "meh" about my wardrobe. I know this sounds like such a pathetic, privileged thing to be whining about but I just feel like I don't suit any of my clothes any more! So I don't know what direction that means for NB, buto please be prepared for possibly seeing a lot more minimal and capsule wardrobe outfit posts in the new year! The one thing I can confirm for sure though: there will be plenty of denim, this belt I never take off now, and plenty of fedoras - no matter how or what I might change.

Topshop Chevron Mini Dress (similar) | Asos Belt | Asos Jeans (DIY) | Asos Fedora (similar) |
Poor Boy Vintage Saddlebag via Asos Marketplace (similar) | Asos Loafers

- A.
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