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Favourite Outfit Posts 2016

Happy 2017 folks! I had a lovely quiet NYE with Matthew and some great movies and last week I gave you guys a run-down of my favourite beauty/wellness posts and lifestyle posts from 2016 here on NB. So now it only seems right to continue the trend and include my favourite outfit posts too. Like most female bloggers, I started out doing outfit posts because they're something relatively easy to create content for and I personally love them as they give you more of an insight into someone's personality and taste. I'm still setting them up in my bedroom at home with a self timer on my camera and that's unlikely to change anytime soon, but they are usually my most popular and most viewed posts so I like to think that means you guys don't mind the very amateur set up. So here's some of my favourite looks from the past year and the list includes some of your faves too!

Canadian Tuxedo
Double denim is 110% my happy place. I always feel incredibly comfortable wearing double denim - especially blue denim - yet I also feel really confident and kind of pretty in it. It might not make much sense when it's usually just a pair of trusty jeans and a denim shirt as lots of girls feel great wearing a nice dress, but I always think blue denim suits my skin and hair and I always feel like a true sass-pot in a "Canadian tuxedo" so this outfit definitely had to make the list.

Bury Me With It
Okay so this look was totally thrown together without much thought but that's because all I really cared about was this shirt. You guys might remember me losing my absolute mind over this shirt and it's definitely a favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe since the day I bought it. I quite like wearing shirts because they instantly give me a more androgynous feel but this one looks so crisp and put together from the front and is full on party mode in the back. The embroidery on it is gorgeously done and I love the juxtaposition of pink and purple flowers and a scorpion. Love love love it.

Chill(y) Days
Oh surprise surprise, another fedora. I'm going to worn you now, there seems to be a hat in 90% of these posts but they just make an outfit look complete and I'm a big big fan. I'm also a big big fan of making sure you get across your personal style in blogging. Fashion blogging is extremely common nowadays and whilst that's absolutely fantastic and I'm pleased to say I'm part of it, it's difficult to stand out - even if you don't want to. That might sound silly, but even if you're a "minimal" blogger or a "bohemian" blogger etc etc, you still want people to recognise the outfit you put together and styled. So for me, this is one of the truest, most *Amyleigh* outfits I've ever had on the blog and I love it for that reason.

Black Cat Black Clothes
So I might love fedoras, but I also love my black beret. This outfit is a little different to my "always in jeans" usual style but I adore this skirt in the colder months and it was a nice change to wear all black for once. I tend to veer away from all black outfits because with my dark hair and pale skin, I feel a little bit like circa 2006 emo/scene kid Amyleigh for my liking but this one worked out well and was a little more feminine.

One Dress, Two Ways
Now on a completely different end of the spectrum to my usual kind of tomboyish clothes, I wore a pink dress. I know. There was something about this dress (I think it was the cut of it) that stole my heart and I love styling it up and down. It's such a pretty, girly piece which looks gorgeous for an event or an evening out, but I equally love it with my tatty converse and accessories that give it a bit of edge so that's exactly what I did in this post. Doing the two different styles was really fun and I plan to try and do more "styled 2 or 3 ways" posts in 2017.

Kickflares and Casual
Another ultimate favourite ootd post for me has to be this one. This jacket, that gross old AC/DC tee and those DIY jeans are some of my all-time favourite items of clothing and I think they work really well together. This outfit is again another one of those outfits I wear day in day out, just changing the shirt or the accessories now and again. It's a very "me" post and that's what I like about it.

Bonjour Mon Ami
There's that pesky beret again. When I first bought this beret in early 2016, I honestly didn't know how to wear it. I had seen so many people looking amazing in them and wanted to try one out for myself but I hadn't had one since the age of 7. It's a favourite hat of mine now but it did take some getting used to! It's such a lovely alternative to a fedora and an even better alternative to wearing a beanie hat as wool berets keep your noggin' so toasty warm when it's cold outside. Pairing it with a minimal, effortless outfit makes you look just that little bit more chíc and classic Parisian.

Shades of Blue
Okay so I lied earlier, there's a hat in pretty much every post but I just really like them okay? 2016 saw the return of the baker boy hat and I was so behind the trend. I love mine from H&M and it's my go-to when I'm having a bad hair day or it's too windy outside for a fedora and again, it instantly completes an outfit. This outfit is a typical "Amy melting in the summer heat" outfit where I basically swap my jeans for a denim skirt and that's how I survive.

Smart Casual
One thing I've worn a lot of this past year is blazers. I never used to like them and never thought they suited me but having to look quite smart for work has made them a staple in my wardrobe. I've had this grey oversized one for years now but I always love how it looks with a pair of jeans and a simple tee. This is one of those effortless, takes 5 minutes to get ready, kind of outfits but you look so polished and ready for the day.

Support Small Indie Businesses
Lastly, I thought I should mention this post I did about the whole "boycott Zara" thing that happened in 2016. Whilst I still buy products from the likes of Zara I, like many others, were disgusted with the company this year after it came to light that they had been ripping off small brands in their embroidery/patch-style items on sale. As a big fan of independent small brands for patches and pins, I was 100% behind those who were calling out Zara and other stores for outright copying and selling shoddy knock-off versions of items that others had worked so hard to create and produce. This post was a favourite amongst you guys too so it was nice to see how many of you seemed to share the same views on this.

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