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Goals for 2017

When it comes to new year's resolutions, everyone either thinks they're fantastic or they think they're the dumbest things on the planet. I'm somewhat in the middle myself because I'm a big believer in there never being a "right time" to do certain things and we shouldn't be conditioned to think there is yet... it's a new year... the best time to start afresh and hit that reset button (I'm a huge contradiction, I know). So with that being said, I do like to use each January as a starting point to see what I can achieve throughout the year. They're not necessarily resolutions; I'm not going to promise myself that I'm going to stop eating chocolate. I'm not going to start saying I won't be the same miserable tosspot on Twitter that I have always been. But I am going to set myself some goals that are attainable but will also be a stretch and a challenge. If you caught my 2016 Goals Review you will be well aware that my goals aren't always met but I can live with that - they're just something I may need to work on more long term but 2016 is dead in the water - what has 2017 got in store for me?!

- Save save save: I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to spending my money yet at the same time, I seem to never have a penny to my name but all of the clothes... riddle me that (I'm looking at you Asos Premier). So although I want to save in general, I'm setting myself some mini targets such as not spending any money on clothing from now until my birthday at the end of March. Only a 3 month ban? I know, some of you will be reeling in horror that I think that that will be a difficult limit whilst some of you will feel my pain and think it's an impossible mission. I've already broken this mini goal once and almost about 5 times before I hit "publish" on this post but I'm determined to prove I can do it and that once was just a minor setback at the start of the year.

- Read more. At least 5 more: Okay so you might have guessed by my sporadic book club posts that I do love reading but yep, my reading is as sporadic as my blog posts about books. I used to be an avid reader and would happily spend many hours every week getting lost in all sorts of genres and styles but I just haven't had the time whilst teaching. I now realise what I actually mean is that it has been much easier to come home and just mindlessly veg out in front of the TV instead of picking up a book but I want that to change. I want to be back on the book bandwagon and want to finish at least 5 books this year. Again, some of you might scoff at how low that number is, others might think I'm crazy but I will make sure it is done and hopefully I smash the 5 target - I've already finished one which is amazing given that we're only half way through January so watch this space.

- Stop getting stuck in internet blackholes: This one kind of relates to reading and it's something I struggled to fully achieve last year even though it was a goal, but I really want to cut down the amount of hours I just spend aimlessly scrolling through social media and the internet in general. I have wasted literally hours in single sittings on clothing websites - just browsing, not buying - and easily even longer on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc... Now, I'm not saying I'm going to go on social media less because let's be real - I love Twitter and I like uploading photos too much to sack off the gram, but I want to make my time on there more worthwhile. Talk to people more. Get involved more. Use it more wisely and beneficial for me and possibly for my blog. We'll see how it goes with this one but one thing I will definitely be cutting out instantly is the endless Facebook scrolling because I can't stress enough how much I hate the site yet I can't seem to delete my account?

- Catch the creativity bug again: I feel like a bit of a broken record because a lot of this years goals are continuations from those in 2016 but that's because they're good goals and ones I'm definitely getting closer and closer to completely ticking off as 100% completed, finito. Over Christmas I started painting again and I want to keep it going for the rest of the year. I want to create more art. I want to get more creative with Northern Blood. I want to post more creative posts that set this little tiny space apart from others sometimes. I've got a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head but I've got to get them pinned down so 2017, I'm looking at you, kid.

- Be more Baddie Winkle: If you don't know who I am talking about then my friend, you are missing out. I've been following Baddie on social media for some time now and honestly, I love her. She has got to be hands down the coolest granny I ever did see and her general attitude is one I want to replicate in my own. She is the epitome of not giving two fucks what others think and I really need to adopt a bit of that mindset in my own life. I'm very much a person who is very good at acting like I don't care what others think but realistically, my anxiety makes me care too much about what every Tom Dick or Harry thinks and it's not good for my mental health. I'm trying to be more positive about myself and my abilities, my style, and just my general personality this year. Yeah, I might have a long way to go to accepting my good qualities and my hang ups, but I am making steps towards liking myself and that's all I can really carry on doing. Being a little more confident in everything I do will certainly help though.

- Get that wedding brain into gear: You might remember way back in August (or because I keep mentioning it because ha ha, I'm as shocked as the next guy that it has happened) I mentioned getting engaged to my best pal and favourite human, Matthew. Now, let's be real here. Since August our wedding planning has been "this look like a nice venue... HAHA how much?! No thanks" and that's it. We more or less gave up after that (I know, the romance would rival anyones). If we're honest though everything else in life has had to take priority - particularly or work commitments - so we genuinely haven't had any real time to sit and focus on wedding planning. We're both aiming to change that this year as we'd quite like to get married in 2018 so we need to get a wriggle on! We both know exactly what we want because we've weirdly talked about since we started dating more or less so 2017 is just the year we need to knuckle down, be adults and talk about savings and expenses, and finally get a date organised!

So far, these are my only goals for this year. I've tried to keep the list concise and do-able so I can hopefully achieve all of them before the year is out. Maybe more will be added as the year carries on. Maybe I'll extend and grow some of the ones already listed if I feel I can push them further... We'll just have to wait and see. What are your goals or plans for the next 12 months?

- A.
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