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Rimmel: The Only One

Surprise surprise, I'm kicking off 2017's beauty posts with yep, you guessed it - more lipstick. You all will know by now lipstick is my favourite makeup product and after seeing rave reviews of the latest Rimmel London lip drop, I had to see what all the fuss was about. Rimmel have recently released their "The Only 1" range which they promise is exactly what it says on the bullet: the one and only lipstick you need. They're supposed to be long lasting, pigmented, comfortable to wear and moisturising for the lips. The range comes in two different formulas that most of us would want to have (matte and a creamy sheen) and retail for £6.99 each. The creamy formula comes in 18 different shades ranging from your typical pale nudes to deep purples and reds and the mattes have a selection of 9 shades which include every kind of colour you could possibly want (nude, pink, deep brown, red etc.).

After much deliberation at the Rimmel stand in Boots, I decided to pick up one of each formula as they had an offer on to "buy one get one half price". I then chose two neutral nude shades as they are what I tend to wear the most lately due to toning my makeup down for work (and just generally enjoying a more neutral palette at the moment) and they are the most fool-proof when it comes to knowing whether or not I will like the colour. The packaging of both lipsticks is similar but the cream sheen comes in a black-shine bullet and the mattes comes in a matte red. I prefer the red design out of the two as they look a little more expensive than the typical drugstore black shiny plastic, but both styles are generally nice. They have the signature Rimmel crown logo on the lid and a coloured band close to the base to indicate which shade it is.

For the price of these lipsticks, I think they're pretty good. They're very much "middle of the road" when it comes to their price in the drugstore but I think they definitely have better staying power and pigment to them compared to some of the more expensive options both from the drugstore and high end brands. Now obviously I can't say for certain what the other shades are like so for instance, the deep plum purples could be patchy as that shade tends to be tricky to get right, but if you're looking for nudes, this launch may be a one to check out. So now let's talk about the shades/formulas in a bit more detail.

Rimmel The Only 1 in shade 210 Mauve-ment

This cream sheen style version is really comfortable to wear. It glides on easily, has good pigment and gives a good colour pay off once settled. Although it's a creamy moisturising formula, it does actually dry down. I decided to test run this one during a full day at work so from 6:30am til 5pm it was on my lips so I definitely had some thoughts after that. It was quite moisturising to begin with but I found that after about 4 hours of continuous wear it started to gather on the inner lips so it needed to be picked off (gross I know). This could be just my lips being in bad condition though and many lipsticks tend to do this for me, but it's worth noting that it did start to feel tight and dehydrating after those 4 hours.

The colour is much lighter than I initially thought it would be but this wasn't an issue - I still liked it! I found the swatch on my hand in store/on my arm at home to be much darker than on my lips but it's a nice shade that would suit pretty much everyone. Like I said, this lipstick does actually dry down which despite feeling quite drying after a while was also a good thing because that lipstick didn't really budge which surprised me. I'm used to creamy lipsticks coming off as soon as you eat or drink something and whilst this one did transfer onto my Costa cup at the time, it still left enough product and pigment behind for it to not be noticeable which is something a lot of creamy lipsticks can't seem to do. My one real gripe with this lipstick is the scent. The smell of this lipstick is so so strong - so strong you can taste it after you've applied it and it takes quite a while for the smell to disappear. Things like this usually don't bother me but because the lipstick is right under your nostrils, you kind of have no choice but to deal with the smell. It's a strong scent and very perfumey (a mix of floral and slightly watermelon-y) so that's worth bearing in mind if you're not a fan of scented products.

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte in shade 700 Trendsetter

My favourite shade of the two, Trendsetter is a more browny true nude compared to the slightly peachy pink-ness of Mauve-ment. This one is of course, matte, and takes only a few minutes to dry down which for a lip product that is not a liquid lip is pretty acceptable in my opinion. It also has a strong scent like the creamy formula options but the scent is slightly different. It still has that watermelon vibe about it but there's something else in there that I just can't quite put my finger on.

As you can hopefully see from the photos above, the formula is still relatively creamy and hydrating despite being a matte lipstick. It's comfortable to wear and has really good colour pay-off. Out of the two formulas, of course the matte option is more long wearing but the least hydrating but generally both lipsticks are pretty easy and carefree wearing which is exactly what I like. This matte "Only 1" doesn't transfer anywhere near as much as the creamy formula does so it's a better option for you guys who hate having to touch up your makeup. For the £6.99 price tag, this is one of the nicest matte lipsticks available at the drugstore in my opinion, I just wish they'd tone down the overbearing scents!

Have you tried out the new Rimmel Only 1 lipsticks?

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