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BH Cosmetics Foil Shadow Palette

If you hate eyeshadow then I guess I need to apologise because this week I am yep, talking about more eyeshadow. Over the past couple of years I've really branched out with it as previously it was something I never ever used to wear due to having oily eyelids. Now I wear it almost daily and I'm getting braver and more daring with looks and colour choices every time. So this is where I need to mention the newest addition to my makeup loving ways, this BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes Palette which I won as part of a giveaway from the lovely Amanda Jayne. When it arrived in the post, I was so super excited to dive into the twenty eight (yep, twenty eight) different shades and see how great they were.

So BH Cosmetics are a US brand that is available on Beauty Bay for us UK folks. They have a great range of eyeshadow palettes available but this one was one that caught my eye because of the "foil" name. Each of the twenty eight shades are metallic so if you're a matte shadow lover, you might want to check out one of their other palettes instead. This particular option has an amazing range of colours - from neutrals to bright colours, there's shades in there for everyone and every look. These twenty eight shade palettes are priced at £13.OO which is pretty damn good; that's just over two quid for each shadow!

These shadows are really pigmented so they're great value for money. There's not a lot of kick-up when you put your brush into them which is a bonus when there's such a variety of colours so there's a risk of the powders mixing. They're really shimmery and metallic but the glitter and sheen in them isn't too chunky so they look more high-end quality than other drugstore price shadows I've tried. They're brilliantly pigmented dry (as you can see in the swatches below) but they're super pigmented if used with a wet brush. None of the colours apply patchy but as you'd expect, there's a couple of dud shades in there. I found the paler pearl shades aren't as pigmented as the others unfortunately but a bonus to this is they can double up as a more intense highlight if you like a fuller look.

My favourite shades are definitely the orange/rust red shades and the couple of yellow/goldy shades. Surprisingly, I also fell head over heels for the khaki green shade and the blues too - they're so lovely but I just don't know how to wear them. The blues remind me of the full blue lids that girls in the 70s used to wear so maybe I need to try out that style because we all know we've got a 70s mega fan over here.

Swtaches show each row, from left to right, top to bottom

These palettes are well worth the money and I'm desperate to try some more out now. I have no idea how the mattes will be formula-wise, but if they're as smooth and as creamy to apply as these foil metallics then they would be a welcomed addition to my makeup collection. Another great thing about these palettes is each shadow is about the size of a mac pan so you're getting a good amount of product for the money and for cost per wear. The packaging is nice and sleek too so although the palette is large, it can easily be stored as it's not bulky and even though it's just a standard plastic palette, it's sturdy and has a good weight to it to make it seem a little more expensive.

Overall I'd really recommend this palette if you love eyeshadows or if you're someone like me and trying to experiment with colours a little more and being more confident about that. I'm definitely going to be picking up the neutrals eye palette in future and I have to try the blush palette too because at 11 quid for 10 blushers is just too good of a deal.

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