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Double Denim Twist

Relaxed double denim outfits aren't a surprise to see here on NB but grey denim? Am I feeling okay?! I am as shocked to see this happening as much as you are. When I bought *those* jeans I've been prattling on about for months now from Asos, I saw the grey versions and thought "wow they actually look quite nice?" and I knew I loved the cut so I took the leap. I haven't owned or wore grey jeans since I was about 14 and they weren't a good look for me then and I don't even know if they're a good look for me now but I kind of don't care? Grey jeans always fill me with worry because they always seem to add weight to my legs and make them appear thicker but I just love the fit of these jeans so I can overlook everything else. The shade these jeans are is so lovely and unique though and they have an almost stonewash denim appearance in real life so I can't wait to wear them throughout spring and summer with white floaty tees and knit crop tops because guys, these are gonna look so nice with light shades and pastels am I right?

Also I'm still not over these slider style mules. Everyone owns a pair now since so many online stores have taken it upon themselves to do their own Gucci-esque versions and I'm honestly not mad. I'm a proud member of this embroidered loafers bandwagon and I won't be jumping off any time soon. They're the perfect shoe for walking into spring.

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