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Shower Saviours for Thin Hair

Hello lovely guys and girls, today's post is just going to be a quick one and a one about hair because boy oh boy, do I have a hard time with my hair. It's really thin, really fly-away, poker straight (despite being desperate for curls all my life) and just generally never behaves itself. So because of the thinness/fineness, I am always on the look out for products which can give my hair a bit of oomph and volume. As my hair is so thin, it tends to get greasy real easy so thinks like mousses and creams are things I tend to try and stay away from because that sort of product build up just makes my hair even more difficult to deal with. However on a recent Boots shop, I spotted a couple of things from L'Oréal that promised to give the appearance of thicker hair but there was one thing that really hooked me in - they were in-shower products.

Having the option of using something in the shower got me excited because that meant you would wash some/all of the product away - that meant it wouldn't weigh my hair down or make it slimy and if so, I could just rewash the barnet and I'd be good to go. So I picked up two products from the L'Oréal Elvive Fibrology range: the in-shower Thickness Booster and post-shower Thickness Creation Double Serum.

So just quickly, I have to make y'all away that I've tried the shampoo and conditioner from this particular range years ago now and absolutely hated them. They made my hair greasy, it looked oilier than it did before I washed it, weighed it down and just generally made it look horrible and dull. But that aside, my hair has changed slightly over the last 3/4 years so I figured these products wouldn't be the end of the world to try out if I didn't like them. So let's talk about the Thickness Booster first as it's the first treatment/product you would naturally use.

L'Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickness Booster | 3Oml | £5.99 - This little bottle is genuinely a bit magic so let me explain. The idea is you pop some of this clear serum onto your hair - focusing mostly on the ends - after you have shampooed your hair. Then you leave it on and put your conditioner on over the top. Once you've massaged your conditioner in and you've left it to cook for a few minutes, you then wash your hair like normal and that's it. I thought this would do bugger all for the hair once I realised the method of application, but I've actually been really impressed. I use a little bit less of this product than how much conditioner I use as I use an actual shit tonne of conditioner so I wouldn't get much cost per use out of this product if I applied the same amount, but it smells great and best of all - it actually does it's job! The shampoo and conditioner of this range makes my hair greasy but this product doesn't. It does give my hair a more manageable texture but it doesn't weigh it down which is awesome. It's a very light serum but it does give my hair a noticeable thickness like, the ends of my hair appear thicker. I assume the serum coats the individual strands and thickens it up that way which is why it's such a good product for the ends of the hair as they won't be so fly away and so fine. I imagine this product would be even better for those of you who don't need to wash their hair daily, but either way, I definitely think this stuff makes a noticeable difference to the hair even after just one use, so I'm a fan.

L'Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickness Creation Double Serum | 2x15ml | £6.99 - Okay so next up is the post-shower double serum. This serum is in two parts but you dispense both serums at once (and to be honest, I don't really know why it's not just mixed up together) and you can apply this product to wet or dry hair. I personally like to apply it once I've initially towel dried my hair after a shower, but it is a lightweight, slightly gel feeling serum so I imagine putting it on dry hair won't be a terrible decision. This product, just like the one above, is best worked into the ends and lengths of the hair but I do work this one into the roots too because I blow dry my hair daily so this adding in this step/product really gives my hair a lift where it needs it most whilst thickening the ends too. I don't always use the in-shower serum but almost every day when I wear my hair down I am using this stuff now because it's great. I like the smell (which isn't overpowering at all but is a classic nice "hair salon" smell) and the smell actually lingers on the hair slightly too which I like. I also feel that this product gives my hair some extra shine which is a lovely added bonus.

In all honesty, I don't think these product are like "wow you must go and buy these right now!" type of products, but I am really enjoying using them. If I had to pick just one, I would say the double serum is the one you really ought to try out - because it can be used on both wet and dry hair, I feel like it's a bit of rescue product as it could save limp and thin hair days when you've already styled it. Both products are currently on sale in Boots so save yourself some dollar if you're thinking of thickening up your doo!

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