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Stinky Valentine's Attitude

Okay okay so first off I've got to be honest and tell you all that I actually took these outfit photos months ago, felt cute and sassy af, loved the outfit for the day, then I took a look at the photos and refused to post them. I thought I looked chunky. I thought I looked frumpy, dumpy, all of the potato-like aesthetic descriptions. But when it came to deciding what to post for this week's outfit post, I thought "hey you know what? I felt great that day so what if the proportions of my outfit are all wrong because I'm Thumbelina sized on a good day?!" and come on, I needed an outfit that suits my attitude when it comes to Valentine's Day. Now, I don't hate Valentine's Day, I'm very much a *let people do what they want kind of gal* but when it comes to mine & Matthew's relationship, we like knowing that there's nothing better than doing the boring stuff. Reading books together in bed, watching films, shouting at bad TV show endings, making dinner together... That's the good stuff. So in homage to my boring life that I love, thanks for making Valentine's stress free and a piece of cake!

Stay Home Club Tee | Vintage Skirt (similar)| Asos Belt |
Glamorous Bag via Topshop (similar) | Converse Hi-Tops via Schuh

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