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Basic 70s Bitch

This weather needs to sort itself out really doesn't it? I've gone from wearing a scarf and a big coat, to it being too hot for a jacket, to it being bloody chilly cold again in a matter of days. Spring, where you at and/or why you playing silly buggers? As the weather can't decide what it's doing properly, the best way to get around it is to wear something that meets most weather needs at this time of year. As much as I love layering, I like it when I know it's going to be freezing cold. I can't deal with layers when you have you have to constantly remove or add items depending on the temperature so of course I've had to dust off the gilet. I always feel like jeans, a fur gilet, and a fedora is such a standard basic outfit choice but I always think it looks perfect too so I don't care if it's a bit basic bitch. I find fur gilets incredibly warm to wear so as long as the sun is shining, this is a great alternative to a heavy winter coat.

Romwe Blouse (old) | New Look Gilet (similar) | Asos Black Jeans | Oh Hey Girl Store O Ring Belt | Boohoo Fedora with Leopard Scarf | Poor Boy Vintage Saddle Bag via Asos Marketplace (similar) | Office Booties (similar)

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