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Current Beauty Favourites

Happy hump day! I'll be completely honest with you - I haven't really been trying any new products that frequently other than those I've already mentioned in the last few previous beauty posts so this week I thought I should tell you about some products that I've been continuously using lately that aren't necessarily new to me but are 100% my current favourites for various reasons. I also need to straight up apologise for these photos - the quality is shocking and this is what happens when you live in a home that casts a yellow light on everything you own and you you need to decide between yellow photos or super grainy photos (so I went with the first option!). But the less than desirable photos aside, if you want to find out what I've been loving for my skin lately, keep on reading.

Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water 35Oml | £6.OO - I'm a big fan of micellar waters for removing the majority of my makeup with ease and comfort before going in with a proper cleanser and whilst I definitely have my firm favourites, I'm always down for trying out more. The Soap & Glory offering has been my go-to lately because I love how kind and gentle it is on the skin. Much like my beloved Garnier original and the Nivea micellar, this Soap & Glory water doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry. The main ingredients in this micellar water are peach extract and cucumber juice and you definitely get that delicious fresh scent coming through when using it (which I honestly think is the main reason I like this product so much!). I wouldn't say it's as good as the Garnier one for removing stubborn makeup and it doesn't give the skin a gorgeously soft moisturised feeling like the Nivea one, but I'm pleasantly surprised by this product and have been loving it every night in my evening routine.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub 75ml | £9.95 - Another product that I bought on a whim and I've been pleasantly surprised by lately is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub. This micro exfoliant is jam-packed with both glycolic and and salicylic acids which help to retexture skin and cleanse pores retrospectively. I purely picked up this scrub because although I'm really enjoying using coconut oil as my main cleanser, I was missing that feeling of occasionally feeling like you're really cleansing the skin and getting right into those pores and clearing them out. I don't usually use scrubs as I think they can do more harm than good, but I thought I'd give this one a shot anyway because I've been a big fan of Nip + Fab products in the past. The scrub is a creamy bright white texture which has lots of micro exfoliants in it. I really advise making sure your face is properly wet before applying this scrub because it is really abrasive. The first time I used it I was actually quite worried about just how abrasive it was but I soon got used to the texture and the feel and it's a lovely product to apply once every week or two. Over exfoliating can be so damaging on skin cell rejuvenation and can reek havoc on oily or blemish prone skin so I make sure to use this product sparingly but the results are well worth it. The texture of my skin greatly improves by the next morning and it stays smooth and flake free from dry patches/old acne for days afterwards.

The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub 1OOml | £7.5O - Speaking of scrubs, it seems that I'm on a bit of a mission with achieving smooth skin as another favourite over the last few weeks has been The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Scrub. As a teacher and tutor and as someone who commutes to work on public transport, I spend a lot of time on my feet and if I'm completely honest it's the part of my body I tend to neglect the most. I always make sure my toe nails are painted but I don't actually care for them (could be because I hate feet. Yeah, it's definitely that). So recently I've been making a conscious effort to get them looking and feeling as good as they can and this scrub from The Body Shop has been a staple in my foot care routine. Usually once a week I will scrub away at my wee trotters with a handful of this scrub and really work it into the skin for a few minutes. It's got a gorgeous scent - I bloody love peppermint - and although it's a scrub and it definitely buffs away dry skin, it's not harsh on the delicate parts of your feet so it's got a great balance. I then wash the scrub residue away, pat them dry, and lather a generous amount of foot cream or body lotion and leave them soaking overnight. It's getting my feet to a stage of being lovely and soft 99% of the time so I'm hoping that's going to continue into the summer months!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist 100ml | £1O.OO - An absolute saviour product for me over the last few weeks has without a doubt been the Vitamin E Hydrating Mist from The Body Shop. I regularly use this product in my routine anyway but lately I've found this product so much more "multi-use" that I first thought possible. If my skin is looking a little bit dry or too matte after applying powder, I'll spritz this to freshen up the skin, make my makeup look more natural, and to give it some longevity as it's a good fixing spray. But recently I've been using it in other ways too. When my skin is especially dry (for example after I've had a bad breakout and have been using spot-fighting treatments so my skin might be looking and feeling flaky and stripped) I'll spray a generous amount of this as the last step in my evening skincare routine and my skin is lovely and soft, plump and hydrated the next morning. I've also been wearing it as a primer on my days off work. You all know I love The Body Shop's Instablur and it is my go-to primer, but on days off this is a gorgeous alternative. Makeup applies beautifully over it and I feel like I've given my skin a good drink before I've put potentially heavy products on top of it. As I'm oily, this doesn't work as well as the Instablur does as a primer, but for days off when I'm just running errands or only spending a few hours out of the house, it has been such a nice gentle alternative. I've also been using it on my beauty blender before blending in my concealer just to give my tired eyes a drink too and they do genuinely look more awake and alive doing this extra step!

Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara 12ml | £2.3O - Okay so as you may know, I always say I'm happy to use almost any ol' mascara but a brand I always turn to for super affordable but effective mascaras is Essence. Their Lash Princess Volume and False Lash Effect mascaras are two of my all-time favourites but as they're so affordable, I like to see what else they have to offer. I've actually had this volume curl mascara for a few months now and originally, I wasn't a huge fan of it but now that it's dried out a little well, boy oh boy has it come into its own. This stuff does exactly what it promises and coats the lashes so thickly (in a good way) that each lash looks 2x fuller and they're curled and lengthened too. I never liked this at first because it was a mascara that went clumpy really easily, but I'd suggest letting it dry out a little and you will no doubt love it. I have been wearing it on its own or as a second coat over the top of another mascara as it can dramatically intensify the flutter and thickness of the lashes. If you're someone like me who's not into wearing falsies, check out this mascara because it will give you the same effect but only costs an amazing £2.3O?! Also, can we all appreciate that for that tiny price you get 12ml of product?! That's about 4ml more than other average drugstore mascaras which cost between £7-£11. Amazing.

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