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Noot Your Babe

When you see a long sleeve top that is a) yellow b) striped and c) has bloody Pingu on it, most people might say it's the ugliest shirt they've ever seen. Other folk almost breakdown in tears, thanking the gods, and immediately put it on and refuse to take it off. These other folk are namely me myself and I. I love this top. It's quite thin which is great as the weather is starting to warm up a little and oh my goodness me, it's so comfy and soft. Because it's quite an in your face print, I try to dress it down a little bit in outfits and have stopped wearing my converse with it because I look about 10 years old.

Now that spring is on its way, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more because it's such a bright and vibrant happy print. I'm also loving this Primark denim number that was only 3 quid in the sale before Christmas. I'm still not over the a-line denim/cord skirt trend and I don't think I ever will be because they sit so well on my petite figure. Pairing this skirt with some fishnets gives it a bit more of a "me" vibe and it also keeps them pins a little warmer until I can rock my outfits sans tights (those days are coming guys, just hang in there - dream of the sunshine!)

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