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When it comes to clothes, the older I get the more concerned I am items being comfortable rather than fashionable. Don't get me wrong, I jump on trend bandwagons as much as the next person, but I am checking more and more that the items I pick up are comfortable to wear day to day. I like jeans that feel like lounge wear. I like tops that are fuss free and don't make me sweat. I like shoes that y'know, don't give me blisters. If I think back even just 5 years ago, I would be happy to wear a dress that I constantly had to fiddle with and pull down or alter etc. and it used to drive me insane. I can't honestly be bothered with all that now and need stuff in my wardrobe that I can throw on at the morning and not worry about for the rest of the day. Sure, I still have pairs of heels and things like low cut tops - just like this jumpsuit - that need a little extra effort for them to actually look effortless (I know, riddle me that it makes no sense) but they make me feel sassy and sometimes you just need a little bit of that. Let's be real here though - this jumpsuit is straight up pyjamas you can wear out and about in public and no one will give you a second glance.

Asos Boyfriend Denim Jacket (similar) | Missguided Jumpsuit (similar) | Asos Belt |
Poor Boy Vintage Saddle Bag (similar) | Boohoo Platforms (similar)

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