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Eylure x Fleur de Force Brow Tamer

I've probably (definitely) mentioned it before now on NB, but when it comes to eyebrows I am severely lacking in the department and rely heavily on the Sleek Brow Kit to pretend I have any. My brows are naturally quite fair, incredibly sparse, and don't really frame my face as brows should and the Sleek kit has been my go-to for years now for various reasons (colour, price point, great formula to the product to name but a few). But recently I just happened to see one of Fleur de Force's YouTube vids and learned that she was releasing brow products in her collab with Eylure and normally, this wouldn't interest me because y'know, I'm loyal to the holy grail Sleek option, but when I saw the brow tamer range, my curiosity was peaked.

As a brow kit user, I like that they come with both a powder and a wax to use as you see fit - for me personally, I like to use the wax on the outer two thirds of the brow to get a defined shape and arch, then I use the powder on inner third and blend it out to the wax. This routine works a treat for me and as a daily operation in the mornings, it's become something I'm quite good at doing. Brow mascaras have always been something I wanted to try out as an additional step though. As I have such sparse hair, even filling in my brows can obviously give them a bit of definition and colour, but they can run the risk of looking flat and overly painted on because there isn't any natural hair there to "bush them up" so to speak. So when I saw this new brow tamer duo, I figured it might be something I might like.

The one thing that initially drew me in was the promise of a small wand. I have tried many brow mascaras before and every single one of them has had a wand that's just too big for my thin eyebrow shape and has resulted in smushed product all over my skin as oppose to on the actual hairs. The wand for the coloured gel looked teeny tiny whereas the wand on the clear gel was slightly larger - not a bad thing considering it's clear. The second thing that I liked about this product from first glance was the colour. As someone who dyes their hair black and who has pale skin, I've always been worried about doing my brows actual black and therefore stick to a dark brown. Many brands try to do a dark brown and 9 times out of 1O they're too warm and red in their undertones (even my Sleek kit is guilty of this in some lighting). Therefore when Fleur announced that all of the shades were as ashy as possible without looking grey, I was signed up for picking up the product on my next trip to Boots.

The Brow Tamer duo retails for £12 which I instantly thought was quite steep for drugstore prices. Eylure products do tend to retail around the higher end of the drugstore but I wasn't totally put off buying it. The rose gold packaging the product comes in is very on trend and makes the product look well presented and just generally pretty! The actual brow tamer packaging is also lovely and sleek with a frosted pink/rose gold centre and clear gel tubes. This 2 in 1 product is small and compact and therefore I'd really recommend it for travel as it wouldn't take up any space in your bag at all. It comes in 3 different shades - light, medium, and dark - and therefore covers most brow needs but sadly you redheads don't have much of a look-in once again (I totally feel your pain. When I had ginger hair, trying to find an eyebrow product to match was an actual nightmare).

The packaging claims that it is "non-flake, non-smudge, and non-budge" which surprisingly, it actually lives up to. The first time I tried the product was over the top of my usual eyebrow products and routine. I used the coloured gel to coat and set the hairs on the inner part of my brows and it helped make them look fuller and *more realistic* than normal. The gel took around a minute or two to feel like it had set but once it had, I completely forgot it was on there because you couldn't feel a thing. Brow gels/mascaras always run the risk of being crispy and dry which, when you wiggle your eyebrows around as much as I do throughout any given day, that sends alarm bells ringing but thankfully, the coloured gel was super comfortable to wear. Touching the product once dried, you can feel that it has coated the hairs but it doesn't feel sticky or dry and it doesn't move around - no matter how much you smush your finger in it. Worn alone without the aid of other brow products or colouring, the gel still gives on great pigmentation and looks incredibly natural. Although I don't have a lot of hairs for it to cling to, the gel does make my brows look thicker and fuller as the gel thickens up the hairs it manages to coat and some of it does touch the skin underneath but rather than making a patchy mess, it somehow makes it look like more natural hairs.

The clear gel is just as good as the coloured gel but obviously doesn't have any pigment. This one is great if you're someone who really likes to set your brows in place or if you have any unruly hairs that need to be tamed. I don't usually have that problem but I can sometimes have the odd hair on the arch of my brow that doesn't want to play game but with a coat of this in the target area, my hairs stay in place. I imagine if you're a lucky son of a gun who has big beautiful full brows that this clear gel would be *perfect* for lifting the brows upwards and getting the perfect Cara Delevingne slugs (oh, a girl can dream). Again, this gel is not crispy or flaky and lasts the whole day even when there's been some brow rubbing.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how much I liked this product. As I said, I'm not a brow gel/mascara kind of girl as I need more definition than these usually provide but the coloured gel in this double-ended duo in particular is beginning to make me think I could rock a more natural brow. I think it's going to take a little more playing around with this product for me as the full defined look you can achieve with these gels is still a notch or two down from what I'm used to and what I can create with a coloured wax and powder, but I might be coming round to it. Plus, I would really like to get my brows microbladed this year and I imagine when I do, this product would look amazing and would be all I need for a subtle added umph.

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