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Lipsticks for Spring

Another Wednesday is here and another spring-themed post will unfold! As a spring baby, I do have a fondness for this time of year and particularly the fresh dewy minimal makeup I associate with this time of the year is pulling at my heartstrings more so than it has in previous years. One staple makeup item for me no matter what is lipstick but especially during spring, I love switching up my usual contenders and going for more natural and quite girly (for me) shades. I've always been someone who doesn't feel quite themselves in pink lipstick but I'm finding more and more shades I love so here's my top picks for this spring:

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in 'Flirtation' | £8.99: When I first got a couple of these HD Matte Lips I wasn't too sure of them because they don't really dry down and are kind of tacky to the touch however I can honestly say that I love them now. They are sickly sweet scented and smell like summer in a tube but what I really love them for is how opaque their colours are and how seamless the application is. This particular colour, Flirtation, is such an usual shade in my collection which I can best describe as a watermelon pink yet muted? It's not too bright and in your face but is still vibrant for spring time. This is definitely a top pick for me this spring as I haven't worn it since summer last year so I can't wait to dust it off again.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in 'Nude-ist' | £8.99: I originally bought this shade when these lippies first came out years ago now and honestly? I didn't totally love it. Fast forward to this year and I bloody love this shade now. A true dusky rose pink, this shade is great all year round but it's a nice one for spring when I want to still rock a blush pink sort of shade but want something that looks a little darker against my pale skin. The formula of these lipsticks isn't my favourite for all day wear, but if I'm only going out for a few hours, these are great as they dry down relatively quickly and they don't budge. This particular colour tends to flake on me when I eat/drink compared to other shades I have in this range, but I can deal with that!

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in 'Tranquillity' | £3.OO: The MUA Velvet Lip Laquers have been some of my favourite liquid lipsticks for a couple of years now and my absolute top shade is Halcyon (a peachy nude) but another shade I love and I've been purposefully trying to wear more and more is the shade Tranquillity. This shade is your perfect nude - it's not too brown, not too pink - and looks lovely on my skin tone so fellow pale princesses, you might enjoy this one! These lipsticks are super fast drying and fuss free with great colour pay off. They do tend to flake when eating oily foods or if you're wearing it for more that 4-5 hours, but honestly for three quid I don't give a hoot.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in 'Fairy Cake' | £2.99: Before everyone went wild for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, Collection released their Cream Puff Lip line which was basically the same thing for even better value for money. The range had only 4 shades which were all nude/nautral/pink colours and I fell in love - strangely - with Fairy Cake which is an almost cotton candy pink but much deeper and looks beautiful on pale skin. You can pick up Fairy Cake and the other shades on the likes of eBay and Amazon overpriced, or pick up the shade Cotton Candy from their Velvet Kiss range for the same effect and original price point. These lipsticks are feather light on the lips and are more like a whipped mousse (similar to The Body Shop's Matte Lip Liquids which I reviewed here) consistency so they're not sticky or drying. Obviously this lip option has the least longevity of them all but it's so easy to apply and so lovely on the lip that it can be overlooked. For £2.99, you can't grumble can you?!

Swatches from top to bottom: Lime Crime Perlee in Third Eye, Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake, MUA Lip Laquer in Tranquillity, Bourjois Velvet in Nude-ist, and Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Flirtation

Lime Crime Perlees in 'Third Eye' | £14.OO approx: My last pick is weirdly enough a shade that I was raving about back over the autumn seasons for it's deep mulberry tones but it seems to transition into spring really well, too. I really like the Lime Crime Perlees (catch my full review here) and wear the copper shade Penny a ton but Third Eye is definitely getting it's fair share of wear time on my mush. Although it's a nice shade for autumn, it kicks out quite pink and vibrant on my lips so it's a nice shade for spring too. I tend to go for more neutral and natural shades in spring but if I want a darker, more bold lip, this is the one I'm reaching for. It's also the only lippy I keep picking out that has a metallic finish whereas all my other go-tos recently are a matte finish so it breaks up the matte muted pinks/nudes quite nicely. The formula of these are great and are really long wearing and comfortable so they're excellent value for money.

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