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Happy Monday folks! I'm currently packing my suitcase in preparation for leaving my beloved north east and heading back to Winchester, ready to go back to work after a glorious few days off (I know, woe is me). This outfit is something I've been wearing a great deal over the last couple of months and is usually an ensemble I reach for on grim rainy cold days (hence the *brilliant* quality in photos - sarcasm everywhere). I've mentioned a million times just how much I love these jeans, but teamed with these platform very 70s boots and this lovely flowing top and I feel a little bit extra sassy. It's nice wearing all of these things together on the grey days as it's an outfit that's not too hot or not too cold in these turbulent weather changes. This top from Bershka is especially amazing as the embroidery detail gives it a great pop of colour and manages to incorporate that boho kind of vibe I love so much into a very goth/grunge style top which also pleases my inner scene kid.

Bershka Layered Top (similar) | Asos Jeans | Reclaimed Vintage via Asos Embroidered Bag (similar) |
Boohoo Platform Boots

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