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Product Empties No.4

Happy Hump Day folks! Lately I seem to have finished a lot of various products ranging from skincare, haircare, makeup etc. so I thought I'd put together a few product empty posts because gee whizz, it's been a long long time since I last did one of these posts! I usually stray away from these kinds of posts because usually if I finish a product, it's something I really like and repurchase again and again therefore it would get pretty repetitive pretty quickly, but I've been testing and trialling a few different bits and bobs so I can give you the low-down on some faves and some not so faves.

- L'Oréal Revitalife Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream | £11.99: So let's kick things off with anti-ageing. I know I'm that age where I need to actively start looking at this impending doom, people. I picked this cream up when it was on sale because guys - eye cream is expensive. I get that it is supposed to try and prolong your youth and fight off those crows feet forming but jeez. So I picked this one up and it was a joy to use. I personally can't comment on the firming to be honest as my eyes aren't really sagging etc. yet, but it was a lovely gentle cream to use. It made my under-eye area really soft and supple and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all. It doesn't have a fragrance and it's velvety soft to apply to the eye meaning you don't pull or drag the skin. It does take a little longer to sink into the skin as it's so nourishing, but it's worth the couple of minutes wait as you get on with something else. I'm currently trying out a different cream from The Body Shop, but I certainly would buy this one again and I'll definitely go back to it when the wrinkles do come a-knocking to see if it can work some magic.

- Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Concentrate | £9.5O: Another product I tried on a whim was this concentrate from Eucerin. I've tried various Eucerin products in the past and it's always a bit of a love hate relationship with the brand as a whole but I did quite like this product. It's a milky, watery consistency and is designed to be applied to the skin after cleansing and can be used both day and night. I found using it both day and night actually managed to dry out my oily skin so I chose to add it only to my nighttime routine. It is very gentle on the skin but when I had any sore open-wound acne, it did sting a little bit. I personally don't mind this as it wears off quickly and I like to convince myself that that means it's working! This makes your skin feel so incredibly smooth and works extremely well under makeup if texture is a big problem for you. It almost acts as an additional primer that glides over bumps and pores. I also loved using this on my shoulders, chest, and back to counteract my acne in those areas and it did a pretty good job. This product isn't solely designed to fight acne, but as it seemed to dry my skin out, it helped reduce spot size relatively quickly and alongside exfoliating, it really helped improve the texture of my skin. It's something I'll consider buying again in future but it did agitate my sensitive eyes a little so that might be something to bear in mind!

- Seventeen Skin WOW! Concealer | £4.99: I won't talk about this concealer for too long because lord knows I've raved about it enough on NB already, but I just bloody love it. It's an *amazing* dupe for the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat Highlighting concealer but it's around a quarter of the price. The colour range is poor as it only has 2 shades compared to the 8 or 9 of the YSL version, but I love it regardless. It really brightens up my dark under-eye area and can be built up if extreme sculpting is your kind of jam. I always use shade 'Fair' which doesn't particularly match me well, but that's because it's very salmon in colour which works wonders on cancelling out the blue/purple of my eye bags. I'd highly recommend this concealer if you constantly look a bit tired as I it's really noticeable when I haven't applied this - I just don't look as awake or healthy.

-Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'Eastend Snob' | £3.99: A huuuge blogger/YouTube favourite over the years, I finally came to the end of my Eastend Snob lip liner from Rimmel. I really like the Exaggerate range of liners as they cover most conventional colours you could possibly want or need and they're affordable. I find them extremely long wearing and great worn on their own or with an additional lipstick. This particular shade is a very typical nudey, dusty rose pink that suits pretty much every person I've seen wearing it. I liked it on my skin colour because a lot of dusty/mauvey nude pinks tend to pull very lilac on me which instantly washes me out, but luckily this one stays true to the shade it is in the bullet. I also really enjoy using these liners as they're creamy and glide onto the lips really well and they're twist up - no pencil sharpener in sight! - which makes them a great grab-and-go product.

- Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water | £6.OO: A product I wasn't sure I was going to love was the Soap & Glory Micellar Water but boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. I've talked in length before about how much I love micellar water for removing the majority of my makeup with ease and no irritation to my skin, but I always rely on particular ones that I know work for me. But the *smell* of this Soap & Glory one 110% won me over and convinced me to give it a go. I've already raved about this guy so I won't say much more other than this is the nicest smelling micellar water in the drugstore and it is very gentle on the skin and calming on the delicate eye area. It doesn't remove stubborn makeup as well as some other leading brands, but I'd definitely repurchase some day!

- L'Oréal Pure Clay Foam Wash Glow Scrub | £5.99: Ahh, the L'Oréal Pure Clay range - hasn't this stuff taken beauty blogging by storm? I feel like everyone and their mum has been trying this range out and for good reason; it actually works. I picked this glow scrub up alongside it's sister mask and I really love the combination but I've got to be honest, I wouldn't buy the scrub again. So, here me out. I really like the scrub as it does a grand job of daily exfoliation without stripping or tightening the skin and I honestly did notice a different in how radiant my skin looked however oh my *good* god, it was the messiest shit ever to use. I tend to wash my face in the shower every morning but this stuff was having none of it. The formula isn't particularly thick or hard to use, but it seemed to stick anywhere and everywhere it could. It would be all over the shower tiles, all over other products and worst of all, sometimes it would end up in my hair/ears and I wouldn't even notice til I'd been at work for a few hours. You can imagine the horror when you realise you've had a grainy teracotta red liquid drying on your ear for several hours in public. It's not a look. So I'm currently trying out black Detox Wash from the same range and I'm finding it much more fuss free!

-Vichy Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care Moisturiser | £14.5O: And lastly is a product I've sang the praises of since the start of NB and that is the Vichy Normaderm moisturiser. This moisturiser is my go-to daily moisturiser and it does a grand job at battling and minimising my acne whilst also controlling my oils well. It's a really comfortable product to use every morning as it sinks into the skin really quick but also acts as a lovely base for any primer or makeup products I apply on top of it. Although I'm acting crazy at the moment and using a different moisturiser (I know), I will obviously be repurchasing this baby as soon as I'm finished with my current cream. The pump bottle lasts for a really long time, you only need a small amount of product, and it doesn't irritate any areas of my skin. My one gripe with this product is that I wish Vichy would put it in a clear bottle so I know when it's running low, but it's a great drugstore skin care option for any fellow oily skinned acne-prone guys and gals out there.

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