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Product Empties No.5

Happy "we're half way through the week and we can just about survive" day, guys! I feel like I keep harping on about it, but recently I finally decided enough was enough and I've been making the transition to cruelty free beauty because it's just something I feel strongly about. I'm currently putting together a whole post on it and why I think its important to go cruelty free even though I'm a meat eater but before all of that, I've of course been trying my best to use up a lot of products. I try my upmost to not be a wasteful person and despite realising I owned a shocking amount of products from companies that test on animals, I feel that just throwing those products away is a massive waste and is somewhat worse than just using it up and then never repurchasing. So because of this transition, I've been going through a lot of products in an attempt to either use them up to get rid of them or trying out new cruelty-free purchases to work out what I like to replace old non-cruelty free things. So naturally that has lead onto this yep, you guessed it, product empties post.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox Moisturiser | £15.OO - Let's kick things off with base/skincare products and in particular, this guy. This moisturiser was my go-to nighttime choice for almost two years but alas, Vichy are not cruelty free. This cream was part of the Normaderm range which worked on blemish prone/oily skin and it worked damn well. I really liked this cream as part of my evening routine as it was gentle enough on my sensitive skin that it didn't irritate it, but it definitely worked some magic that was clear to see the next day. I really enjoyed using this cream as it was quite a thick, silky-feeling option that was perfect for bedtime and despite not totally getting rid of any acne etc., it did do a grand job of keeping my skin hydrated whilst also controlling excess oils and it helped open/old spots heal much quicker.

Lush Dream Cream Body Lotion | £6.95 - This cream is something that I received as part of a giftbox from Lush and it's certainly something I will be repurchasing again in the future. This cream is so good for anyone who gets dry or dehydrated skin as it's quite a thick consistency but it melts into the skin really fast and leaves skin feeling super soft. I liked to use this cream on my legs after shaving as I found it to be a very cooling and calming cream (probably due to the chamomile and lavender ingredients) which was great on my extremely sensitive post-shave skin and it also smelled divine.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Sugar Scrub | £5.75 - Another Lush product and another repurchase. I've went through a lot of tubs of this stuff and whilst I know I could just make my own, I know I'd probably never be able to get the taste just right so I'll carry on buying this one. Lush do a handful of different scented/flavoured lip scrubs but Mint Julips is by far my firm favourite. It tastes just like mint chocolate ice cream and leaves my lips feeling soft and flake-free. I use this every day in my morning routine before applying lip balm as I find it stops me from biting or picking my lips which I used to do all of the time, and help keeps everything as smooth and texture free as possible for any potential lipstick application once I've finished the rest of my makeup. Although I've been through quite a few of these tubs now, they do last me an incredibly long time so I think they're well worth the price. A tub will typically last around 1O months which is just amazing value.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist | £1O.Oo - Yet again, this product is something I will probably repurchase again in the future. I loved using this spray on my beauty blender to dampen it for applying my concealer and also for patting on powder if I wanted to really set my base makeup products down. It's a great natural setting spray too that makes your makeup look more skin-like and "real" and does a great job at keeping your skin hydrated. At the moment, I'm using The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energising Face Mist which is very similar, but both products are great for exactly the same reasons. This Vitamin E mist is also super nice as an extra step in your skincare after you've applied your moisturiser as it gives your skin just that extra boost of moisture and can be a great alternative base to a primer. Once I finished the bottle, I went back to using just water with my beauty blender and guys, it was just not the same. I *much* prefer using these face mists and therefore they're worth every penny.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer | £5.49 - Guys, this concealer has been my favourite everyday concealer since going foundation free as I've mentioned so many times before on NB how awake it makes my eyes look and the fact that it blends into the skin nice and quickly but alas, Rimmel are not cruelty free so I have been frantically trying to find something of similar formula and finish that is CF. But for now, let me just rave about this product a little bit more. Although I find the lightest shade of this concealer too dark for me, it blends so well that I can mix it with other brightening concealers to get a perfect shade. Many people review this product as too glittery but I found it looked really natural under my eyes and created a lovely smooth base for my second concealer/powder. If you are not a specifically cruelty free beauty product buyer, I would recommend this concealer as it's a great drugstore one, but those well versed in the world of CF concealers - help a girl out?!

Essence Maximum Definition Mascara | £2.8O - I've mentioned it many times before on NB but I'm usually not particularly loyal to any mascaras as I can usually make most of them work for me. This one however is something I won't be repurchasing in the future and that's not to say it's bad, but it's just not for me. Essence have some amazing mascaras and they're usually an absolute steal in price but this one just didn't do enough for my lashes. If you're someone who finds your lashes clump together easily or don't have that definition you need, you should check out this one because it definitely does give them definition which is what it claims so well done Essence for delivering on that. The thing I didn't like about this though is that it wasn't really that buildable and as a girl who likes volumised thick lashes, that meant we were going to have a falling out. I usually used this mascara after applying another which tended to clump as this Essence one helped redefine and declump the lashes but as a standalone, I wasn't wowed by it. It has a very typical rubber bristle wand that does grab onto the lashes at the base extremely well and coats the lashes easily, making it hard to apply too much product, but yeah - I need a bit more oomph from my mascaras!

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara | £7.99 - Remember what I literally just said about not being loyal to a mascara? Well that was a slight fib because you guys, this mascara stole my heart about 3 or 4 tubes of it ago. This mascara does *everything* I want for my lashes: it volumises, it blackens, lengthens, curls - everything. I have repurchased this mascara around 3 or 4 times now and it never disappoints as even in it's not "ultra black" formula, it seems invincible. I have worn this in torrential rain storms and hail and it hasn't so much as smudged anywhere on my skin unlike others do and its not even advertised as waterproof. The whole selling point of this product is that you can wear it in a hot sweaty nightclub and it won't transfer and slip and slide onto the face and you know what? I wholeheartedly believe it would stay put through almost anything. However I'm having a dilemma now as I believe Bourjois are not cruelty free so despite being in love with this mascara and thinking I had found *the one* it looks like our love affair was short lived. Again, if you're someone who is not CF with your beauty, this mascara is possibly one of the best ones on the market - and I mean from drugstore to luxury - it top trumps so many. The wand is a very chunky and chaotic brush with bristles sticking out every which way that pick up a lot of product, but they coat the lashes evenly and give the lashes a fab curl and hold so the messy wand is a wonderful despite it's appearance.

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