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Some Current Favourites

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you're all having a great hump day and happy that we're half way through the week (I know I am). Today I thought I'd share a few of my current favourite beauty-related things because I'm in the process of trying new things but also trying to use up a lot of my current products as I'm going cruelty free with my beauty products (post all about why coming soon). But for now, let me tell you about some of my current favourite products (sadly some of which I won't be able to repurchase in future) and why I've been enjoying them so much.

L'Oréal Magic Retouch Spray in 'Black' 75ml | £8.99: This product was something I saw on offer in Boots for months and months before I finally caved and picked it up and I'm kind of pleased I did. I'm quite lucky with my hair and despite dying it black when my natural colour is almost a dirty blonde shade, I don't get roots growing through too bad in between dye jobs but I've been trying to cut back on how often I dye it so I needed something to disguise the dreaded roots if they did surface. So I picked up this spray which is designed for just that - it disguises your roots coming through if you have dyed hair. L'Oréal have a range of shades in this line including redhead shades which I thought was great to see. The cannister is quite small and compact but you do get a lot of product for the price. It has a very precise long nozzle which you need to hold 1Ocm away from the hair. You spray it into dry styled hair and the can promises 3O uses (but I think you could get a lot more if you use it sparingly). It's a really lightweight product and doesn't feel like you have anything at all in your hair. If you don't wash your hair often, this stuff is great as it doesn't transfer and will stay in your hair until you wash it out. My one warning with this stuff is to make sure if you're using a shade like black to make sure you're not wearing a white top when you use it like this muppet was as it can fall just like any spray does...

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in 'Black Cherry' | £3.99: I've mentioned a gazillion times how much I love the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints but there's always shades I haven't tried in the range and recently I realised I was severely lacking a nice deep wine red or burgundy in my collection. After a scout around a few different makeup counters, I of course ended up relying on Barry M to fill the void and they didn't disappoint. I picked up this shade Black Cherry which is the most accurate shade name possible. I love that this colour looks almost black both in the pot and on the nail but it has a muddy brown red warmth to it that makes it a bit more interesting than a simple black. The quality of the Gelly Nail Paints is so good too so this one lasts at least a week and stays shiny and chip free. Excellent.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in 'Ginger Snap' | £16.OO: This is the first product I've tried from Beauty Bakerie and it certainly won't be the last. I saw this particular shade on Instagram many moons ago and finally remembered to pick it up in an Asos order. It's a lovely deep warm terracotta brown shade (pretty much cinnamon or ginger in a liquid lipstick formula so the name is fitting!) which suits my pale skin really well. The reason I love this lipstick so much isn't just because of the colour, but also because the formula is insane. I ate greasy food, drank lots of hot tea, and then tried to remove it with micellar water at the end of the day and it just would not budge. Now, I know some people won't like that but I was so impressed. It took effort to completely remove the lipstick and that's what I want from a liquid lipstick. Despite it's longevity, it's not remotely overly drying on the lips and it doesn't flake or settle into lines I've found. Although I love Lime Crime Velvetines and The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks, I'll definitely be getting some more of these Lip Whips because the formula is an absolute winner.

Oh K! Sleep Mask 2Oml | £4.OO: Lastly is this product which surprised me the most. I bought this sleep mask just out of sheer curiosity as I wanted to try out more Korean Beauty products and didn't really know where to start. So when I saw that this mask was only 4 quid, I thought that I couldn't go wrong. Oh K! are becoming quite a popular Korean brand here in the UK and this mask is a sheer delight to use. It comes in a little sachet with a screw top lid was was a nice surprise as I initially thought it was a one-use product but as the packaging states, you can aim to get 5-6 uses out of it (I still have about 1/4 of the sachet left and I've used it around 8 or 9 times). So not only is this mask great for its price point but it also genuinely works. It's a really gentle cream rather than a mask as you apply it as the last step in your evening routine before bed. I cleanse and moisturise like normal then use a pea-size amount of the mask on top. The idea is that when you wake up the next morning, your skin will feel more soft and gentle to the touch and be full of moisture. I honestly notice the difference the next morning after using this as my skin feels much healthier and plump so I tend to reserve using this mask for when my skin is feeling dry, tired, or tight. The mask doesn't really have a scent and just looks like a regular uncoloured moisturiser so it's great for sensitive skin too!

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