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Wrap Dress, 2 Ways

Happy Monday everyone - I hope you all have happy clappy weeks and you're not too distressed with going back to the grind today (I know I pretend to not be heartbroken every week when this dreaded day rolls around). Back in September I published a blog post where I styled up a dress in two different ways because I'm all about that "get as much use out of your clothing as possible" life. I thought I'd share the same sort of post again with yet another dress just because I'm trying to be more versatile with the items I have now. Since downsizing my wardrobe to semi-capsule wardrobe rules, it has meant I now pay closer attention to the items I have or those I consider purchasing and really try to work out how I can style them up differently to truly utilise the pieces and get the most cost-per-wear out of them that I can squeeze. So that's where this wrap dress steps in. Wrap dresses are such a classic cut that people have loved for years and years and that's because they suit every figure, they look well presented and put together, and I don't know about you, but they just make me feel a bit sassy. So after I picked up this one for a mere £3 in Primark, I was excited as so many ideas for how to wear it were firing off in my mind.

The first way I style this dress up is the way it's intended to be worn - as a classic, fuss-free dress. This cut of this with the v-neck wrap neckline and the tie up waist with the flare skirt makes it such a flattering piece and looks lovely for both day or night wear. It's casual enough to wear during the day with some flats or you can dress it up for an evening and it can look almost glamorous. When it comes to dresses I'm usually more into the floaty boho numbers but this one still ticks those boxes for me a little with the print and the cut of the skirt. I also love the fact that it has long sleeves as I don't like having my arms on show all that much and the colours in the print match my new favourite little tassel box bag and my favourite summer clogs perfectly.

Primark Wrap Dress | Matalan Tassel Box Bag | Lotta From Stockholm Peep Toe Clogs

Although I think the first look can be worn both day and night, it's so easy to dress this baby down even more and make it as casual as possible instead of formal and fitted. Not every wrap dress hangs well when left unwrapped because obviously - it's not intended to be worn that way! But one of the things I loved about this when I tried it on is that it doubled up as a kimono. Sure, it has the middle band running under the empire line where you should tie it together, but left hanging loose mimics a belt tie on a jacket or kimono and no one would know any different. Pairing it with a light wash pair of jeans and a light coloured shirt brightens up the whole outfit and makes it more of a summery piece. As the dress is a light chiffon material, it is great as a kimono for summer as it's not heavy to wear over layers. Again, the print works really well with other items in my wardrobe such as blue denim, my blue & grey fedora and also come on now, try and tell me this dress teamed with my embroidered bucket bag isn't a match-made in heaven? This look is much more my comfort zone for every day wear and I can already tell this dress/kimono fib is going to be a staple outfit choice for me this summer.

H&M O-Ring Top (similar and similar) | Primark Wrap Dress (worn open) | Asos Crop Flare Jeans (similar) |
Asos Fedora (similar) | Matalan Embroidered Bucket Bag (similar) | Primark Western Booties (similar)

I may have only shown two ways to wear this dress in this post but there's so many others if you're willing to experiment and maximise the wear of your items in your wardrobe. I've also worn this dress as a kimono over other dresses like some sort of odd appreciative nod to Michael Jackson's double shirt combos back in the 8Os, I've worn it as a wrap dress like normal but over jeans to play with proportions of an outfit and it can definitely be worn in the colder months as an added layer under a jacket. I'm so pleased with this purchase as I feel I've definitely already got my £3's worth of wear out of it, but here's some more similar gorgeous wrap dresses that could be used in a multitude of ways:

Madam Rage Paisley Print Wrap Dress | £2O.OO
Goldie Polka Dot Button Up Waist Tie Maxi Dress | £32.OO
Warehouse Floral O-Ring Belt Wrap Dress | £65.OO
Mango Floral & Polka Dot Wrap Dress | £35.OO

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