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Can we have a chat about how truly abysmal the weather has been at lately? Who'd have thought we're almost half way through 2O17 yet we're still battling through rainstorms and occasionally the temperatures of the colder months? I don't have seasonal depression but I can honestly the say the weather is certainly getting me down. It's generally putting me in a foul mood and it also makes getting dressed every morning pretty darn difficult. Although it's typical English weather in a lot of respects, I wasn't expecting to still be rocking heavy items of clothing and a leather jacket at this time of the year so that's been a big rubbish whopper. All is not lost though because coloured jackets are still very much a *thing* and the certainly are in my wardrobe.

P.S. Have you checked the weather forecast for this week in the UK though? I see constant sun finally on the horizon!

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