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A Seventies Summer

Guys, I'm going to get real *real* with you here... I'm not feeling my blog at the moment. I read so many inspiring and thought-provoking blogs that I guess I'm just finding mine a bit pale in comparison as of late. It's hit me as a sudden wave and although I'm slowly making steps in the right direction with the sort of content I'm producing, I'm still feeling a bit "meh" about it all and I know this is something we all experience from time to time. I've been blogging on and off for just under 1O years. 1O long years of creating the same sort of content, which varying degrees of maturity, then eventually I've burnt myself out and stopped blogging, only to pick it back up again 6 months or a year down the line. NB has been the most "successful" blog since I started doing it in terms of number of readers, enjoyment for myself, and productivity and creativity it has ignited within me to sustain it for so long but I'm just not feeling it lately. That's not to say I will stop blogging because ha, I love it too much to stop, but it just means that I'm stepping back and truly assessing it and working out what I'm most frustrated about it and focusing on changing those particular things. For me at the moment, it's wanting to create content that's just not feasible - for example I'd *love* to do more travel posts or basically "bigger budget" images for my posts and I just can justify either of those things at the moment.

I'm hoping because I'm visiting my beloved north east in a couple of weeks time that I can kind of kickstart a bit of a travel bug for the blog in some way and fingers crossed that soon I can afford a better camera to up my photography as it's something I seriously enjoy but not having the gear does effect your enthusiasm for something (I don't care what anyone says). For the time being, I'm still going to post regularly on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like usual, but maybe that will be subject to change if I ever get a blog overhaul underway.

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