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Feeling a Little Parisian

Happy Monday you guys! I hope you all had a stellar weekend and you're ready to face those Monday blues with a bit of positivity and a spring in your step but if you're not don't worry - you're not alone as I can't even seem to take my own best advice today. I've had a very nice but extremely chilled weekend to the point where I think it was a little too relaxing so now I'm struggling with the process of getting up, getting ready, and getting out the door for work. Despite my raving about yoga and all it's benefits last week, I sucked over the weekend and didn't do any until Sunday night. It was *so* noticeable that I had skipped some days because my back was aching, my legs were like jelly and I was generally a sweaty-covered off balance mess. I'm trying to not beat myself up about skipping some days though as sometimes I just need to vegetate for a couple of days to let stuff wash over me. I found out some pretty shocking information about a friend of mine that initially upset me, I have felt exhausted for reasons I can't quite put my finger on, and I just haven't felt like myself for the past few days so some "sitting in my pants eating chocolate, shouting at the TV like some sort of northern goth Bridget Jones" TLC was in order.

Thankfully, I'm feeling much better today and I 1Oo% give credit to my yoga session last night for the shift in my attitude. I'm feeling a little more myself and feeling like I'm back on the "I want to only put good food in my body" bandwagon. But enough about that - should we have a quick chat about this outfit please? I wear this bardot top every summer when it gets hot enough and I'm forever thankful that I picked it up for a mere 2 quid in a summer sale many moons ago. I'm also mega excited to wear these vintage striped trews I got recently because they're so out of my comfort zone yet I can't get enough of them. Striped skinny jeans were once a thing I owned when I would have been aptly described as ~*~sCeNe KiD~*~ but since around the age of 15, I can't say I've worn them because I just don't think they suit me. When I saw this pair of more tailored trouser style pants though from Oh Lover Vintage, I couldn't help but buy them and the best bit? They fit my waist perfect. Finding that in modern jeans or trousers seems to be incredibly rare but these fit so snug but they're super comfortable too that I can overlook the fact that I really have no idea how to style them. They also might make my hips look wider than they already do which they definitely don't need any help with, but guys, they're still *super great* pants, right?

New Look Bardot Top (similar) | Oh Lover Vintage Trousers (similar) |
Gracie Roberts Vegan Bag | Asos Lace Up Heels (similar)

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