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Red Temple Prayer

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great week ahead of you planned and if not, I hope it still works out as a mighty fine good one. This week for me is a bit of an "all systems go" one at work as it's a week without my students which is a nice breather, but it's also a super busy "we need to get shit organised for the next academic year" week too. I have a big meeting tomorrow to throw around ideas and discuss what is and isn't working within our department and also some exams to complete with some current students. It's insane to think I've been in this job now for almost 5 months but I feel like it's been so much longer and not in a bad way!

Other than this busy working week, I don't really have much planned other than getting back on board with doing yoga every evening as I've been a little lazy these last few days, and crossing my fingers that the weather stops being so rainy and cold so I can get back to doing my evening walks too. When it was stiflingly hot, I decided to start making sure I had walked around 1O,Ooo steps a day just to keep active. I walk quite a lot as part of my daily commute anyway, but if I was shy of a couple of thousand steps, I was using a walk in the evening after dinner as a way to clock those missing steps. As it was so hot on the evenings, taking a walk around the countryside at the end of my street was a great way to get a bit of breeze too. I haven't really mentioned it properly on NB yet, but I'm hoping to move house soon and whilst that's equal parts exciting and terrifying, it's also made me realise that this beautiful area that I've pretty much taken for granted at the end of my street needs a bit of my attention before it's not just *there* for me anymore once I move to a different town. Getting out in nature - even if it's just for 1O or 15 minutes - is so good for the soul and just works wonders on my general mood.

Before I sign off from this post, I guess I should probably talk about this outfit quickly! This is a very typical *me* outfit when I'm feeling a little stumped with what to wear and my wardrobe is feeling lacklustre. This skirt has featured on many posts here on NB and is still the best £3 I ever spent because I wear it to death. As for that gorgeous bucket bag, it is a statement piece that I love to wear that is bang on trend but still suits my style whether I'm going for a boho look or a more alternative one and it's statement in a subtle way so I don't feel uncomfortable wearing it. My favourite thing about this outfit has to be my raglan from Red Temple Prayer who are a great independent brand selling everything from clothes to pins to homeware. I own a couple of shirts from them and a few pins and the quality of their products is pretty damn great. They have some great jumpers and tees in their current collection that I just need to get my hands on for autumn time.

Red Temple Prayer Raglan | Primark Button Down Skirt (similar) | Asos Western Belt) |
Vintage Bandana (similar) | Matalan Bucket Bag (similar) |
Romwe Miu Miu style Pumps (similar & similar)

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