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Denim Dress

Happy Monday! I hope y'all have productive and happy weeks ahead of you - I'm back to work and back to normal life after spending some much needed time at home seeing family and friends. I had a lovely time at home but I'm happy to be getting back to my regular daily life and pleased to have some breathing space. Family are incredibly important to me, but I sometimes find that I feel suffocated visiting home as I never have the chance to do anything for myself - everyone runs around after me which is great for like, 2 hours, but I soon grow frustrated with it (I know, I have a cheek to complain right?).

I've mentioned a couple of times now that I really want to give NB a bit of a revamp and I'm certainly putting the whole thing in motion at the moment. This isn't going to be a flitting change of content etc. over night, but it is something I want to plan out properly and make sure is executed with carefulness too. A blog post last week really stirred up some anger and varying opinions after discussions were had over whether or not something such as beauty blogging is as valid as something that may be deemed a serious issue in society etc. It really got to me because I've always liked to blog about whatever I like, but at the same time, I've always tried to stick to a few categories so my blog doesn't end up too varied - one of those categories being beauty. So I took to Twitter just as many others did, and voiced my opinion. I'm strongly behind the idea that although the blogging world might be incredibly saturated and "busy" with millions of people talking about the same things, we're all unique in our take on said things, our opinions, our writing styles etc. so blogging is also extremely diverse and that's the best thing about it. No two reviews about the same product are the same. No two posts about sustainable fashion are the same. Everything is solely dependent on the author and creator behind each blog and although blogging has become such a *big thing*, that aspect of it has stayed burning brightly throughout it. So I'll say what I said on Twitter again right here - write about what you want, when you want, however you want. Blogs are for the writers first and foremost and no one should ever lose sight of that.

Second Hand Primark Denim Dress (similar) | H&M Hat (similar) |
Primark Embroidered Bag (similar) | Lotta From Stockholm Low Clogs

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