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Summer Dress-ing

As you guys are reading this, I'm frantically throwing the rest of my stuff into my suitcase for a glorious week back at home up north to see friends and family. As my current job runs over the school summer holidays, I'm not sharing the delight of the six weeks holidays like fellow teachers, so I'll take a week at home instead. It's my little brother's 16th birthday this week and I just can't believe he will be heading into sixth form in the next few weeks! The time has honestly flew by and I'm so proud to call myself his sister as he's turning into an incredibly witty, intelligent, unconditionally caring, and downright funny young man. I'm looking forward to treating him for his birthday (and also being a horrible big sister and making him do chores around the house that my mam let's him avoid). I'm also super looking forward to seeing my mam and just generally spending some time with my family. Living down south is absolutely grand and I love my job and where I live etc., but the amount I miss home is unreal at times so I just can't wait to be back in the frozen north.

I've purchased a new film camera too so I'm excited to get out and about and get some (hopefully) lovely photographs of the beauty countryside and of course, the stunning architecture, in and around Durham and Newcastle.

Second Hand Summer Dress | Asos Fedora (similar) |
Poor Boy Vintage via Asos Marketplace Saddle Bag (similar) | Truffle via Boohoo Clogs (similar)

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