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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks

It's a been a wee while gang, but NB is long overdue a lipstick post! Since my Colourpop liquid lipstick and matte lippie stix posts, I haven't really been wearing any other lipsticks except those however, I was on the look out recently for some less drying, more care-free formulas that I could throw on for a long day of work and not need to worry too much about my lips drying out because of them.

So in this impossible search, I stumbled across the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipsticks. Tanya Burr's makeup range isn't a brand I've been especially interested in as I don't really watch her channel and none of the products jumped out to me in store on previous visits. Recently however, I was rummaging around the the Tanya Burr section in Superdrug as I wanted to try out the contour stick (I found it and I can confirm it's pretty ace for us pale princesses, but I digress), but the lipsticks caught my eye because well - I just can't say no to lipstick. I started having a quick look at the selection of shades but came across these two and knew I needed to pick them up. You'll notice a trend when I try a new lipstick formula or brand as I always pick up a red and a nude so I can try the best of both worlds when it comes to my most worn colours. This time was no exception and I'm going to give you the lowdown on both shades, the formula in general, and if I think they're worth the money.

When I first picked these up in store, I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging before I even looked at the actual contents. The gold reflective square style is a nod to higher end brands but I was so shocked at the actual weight of each lipstick too. Typically when it comes to drugstore and budget brand lipsticks, the packaging is cheap light plastic but these have a bit of weight to them that isn't reflected in the low price point so that was a bonus. Upon taking off the cap to look at the shades, I was also happy to see that they have a snug push closure on the bottom of the bullets again, making the lipsticks feel more luxury and more expensive. There are six shades in the Tanya Burr Cosmetics range and all the lipsticks are a creamy, satin style finish. They're not matte and by no means glossy, but they have a muted sheen that wears off throughout the day and leaves behind the pigmented colour. I picked up the shades Pink Cocoa (a pinky nude shade) and Big Kiss (a rich berry red shade) purely because as I said, I like trying out a red and a nude when I first try a new brand or lip product, but also I thought these two shades in particular were a little different to what I already own.

I own a tonne of reds already and quite a few nudes, but I typically go for more peachy orange nudes and more true reds/orange reds whereas these who lipsticks are more on the pink side. Usually pinky-toned shades aren't my favourite, but especially Pink Cocoa looked absolutely beautiful in the bullet and as soon as I opened Big Kiss and saw the deep cherry shade, I was intrigued as they both looked like really wearable shades and also different to what I already own.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Pink Cocoa' | £6.99: So let's talk about the nude shade first and the most wearable and certainly my favourite of the two. This colour is gorgeous and has quickly become a go-to choice for me daily, especially on days when I have work and want to look a bit more put together than a lip balm pulls my makeup. This shade is like a slightly darker more evenly pigmented version of my natural lip colour so it's great for a natural look when I just want a bit more definition to my lips. As I mentioned earlier, the formula is really creamy and easy to glide onto the lips and as it's such a "my lips but better" shade, I can quickly throw this on without much regard for how precise I'm being. As the formula is buttery, it makes the lips look really healthy and plump, doesn't dry them out, and is comfortable to the point I always forget that I've got it on. The one downside to this shade is that it comes off really easily. I find it doesn't transfer *too* bad, but when eating greasy or oily foods or drinking hot drinks, Pink Cocoa will sort of just disappear which, isn't a totally bad thing as it fades evenly so you don't get the dreaded halo effect on the lips, but you definitely need to keep it at hand if you're bothered about touching it up as it does not win the fight against food and drinks.

From left to right: Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks in shades Big Kiss (cherry red shade) and Pink Cocoa (pinky natural nude)

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Big Kiss' | £6.99: Next up is Big Kiss - the cherry red option. At first, I really wanted to pick this up because in the bullet, it looked like a nice deep wine cherry red rather than a bright vibrant one and as I tend to go for the more orangey red shades, this seemed like a great alternative shade. Once swatched, you can see that it isn't as dark or intense as it seems in the bullet, but it's still highly pigmented and has a lovely healthy sheen to it. On the lips, it doesn't apply patchy and it doesn't fall into the fine lip lines which is such a bonus especially when I'm used to wearing a lot of matte lipsticks which do. Just like Pink Cocoa, Big Kiss does have some not so good points but it's longevity is not one of them. Despite its rich colour, it actually holds up pretty well when drinking and eating, although of course you get more of the halo ring effect with this darker shade compared to the nude. It transfers like crazy, but if you blot it and reapply throughout the day, it gives the lips a good stain keeping your lips looking more put together and not trashed even after eating food. My one gripe with *this* shade is actually the slight bleeding you get from the product. When it comes to the darker shades, this lipstick formula is almost too soft and creamy as it actually gets quite difficult to get a nice neat and precise lip line. It's fine if you have the time and patience to work with a lip liner brush, but if not, it definitely needs a lip pencil to hold the product on the lips better as you do get slight feathering around the lips if you wear this shade for more than a few hours.

So all in all, I really approve of these lipsticks as they might not be the longest lasting or the least transfer proof, but their super rich vitamin E formula helps keep the lips nourished and conditioned so they're a great option for wearing on long days or as "break days" in between wearing intense matte formula lipsticks that inevitably dry out anyone and everyone's lips. At £6.99 a piece, they're really reasonably priced and look a lot more expensive than they reatil for and they're a nicer quality than a lot of drugstore lipsticks at the same price. Another added bonus of this particular line compared to many other drugstore rivals as well is that they are cruelty free too. I'm interested in trying out more of the shades (in particular Bear Hug - a nice nude brown - and Sunday Walk - a mauvey autumnal shade - so no doubt I'll be picking those up sometime soon!

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