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Colder Weather Transitioning

When that chill in the air starts becoming palpable and the mornings and evenings start to get increasingly darker, one of my favourite things to do is throw items of clothing together that totally juxtapose the weather but also kind of compliment it. A big movement on the high street this past year has involved playing with proportions of the body/figure and thus wearing dresses or extremely long line tops over jeans has become the norm. I personally love doing this when it starts to get colder as it means I can still get some use out of my more summery pieces but also I can't lie - I think the whole look can be pulled off really well by anyone. I like to go for shorter dress or a one with a dip hem and that way it doesn't swap my petite height and frame, but still shows off whatever jeans I'm sporting. I tend to go for my vintage mom jeans most of the time as again, this lets me play with proportion a little as they're not figure hugging and add a slightly androgynous aspect to an outfit.

Can you believe that this time next week I'll be moving into my very own house?! If you'd have spoken to me even a year ago and suggested such a grown up thing I would have scoffed yet here we are - packing boxes in all of my free time and frantically making sure broadband is booked in and furniture is on the "to desperately purchase" list. I've mentioned it a few times now here on NB and on my various social media accounts that once I'm settled into the new place, I want to shake up the content here on NB a little. I'm not saying I'm giving the blog a complete overhaul because that would just be silly - I still very much enjoy fashion, beauty and miscellaneous lifestyle posts - but I want to add in more variety. I've always struggled with labelling this blog and it's content and up until now I've tried to minimise too much variety. But now? Now I enjoy writing about mental health. I like talking about feminism and body positivity for women. I want to share my progress of making my future house a home and all the DIY struggles that are bound to go along with it and more. I think the current schedule might go out of the window just so I can get back to truly *enjoying* blogging. I wouldn't say I've fallen out of love with it at all, but it has certainly been feeling like a chore at times so for the benefit of my motivation and love for this pastime, I need to give myself and it a major revamp so watch this space.

Miss Selfridge Dress (similar) | Oh Lover Vintage Jeans | Bohemia Design Circle Bag | Matalan Sandals (similar)

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