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Happy Monday folks! If we could all ignore *just* how creased my jacket is in this post, that would be grand. This duster coat is something that I can't wait to wear more and more now that the weather seems to have totally cooled down, I will be cracking it out more often (despite how easily it creases).

I had a gorgeous weekend this weekend just gone ,celebrating weddings and trying my best to not cry at speeches because apparently that's the one thing that makes this black-hearted ice queen blub up. It was a lovely time but I'm certainly feeling it now as I'm absolutely exhausted and could do without a full week at work - which is unfortunately exactly what I have planned for the next five days! Having a little mini-break this weekend made me realise just how much more I want to get out and travel. It doesn't have to be to some far off exotic place each time, but materialistic things are taking more and more of a back burner position for me in life as I get older and actually making memories - as cheesy as the whole thing sounds - is what I seem to be seeking more frequently.

Bershka Duster Coat (similar) | Bershka Tee | Asos Jeans |
Pimkie Fedora (similar) | Primark Saddle Bag (similar) | Topshop Clogs (old)

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