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Bold Lips

As a lover of lipstick since my early teen years, it has taken a lot of trial and error to work out what I like and what suits me but there's still some colours I just want to be able to wear that I know I probably can't (namely deep browns and bright pinks - I look *too* fake and practically plastic in both). That being said, I think a bold lip can be such a nice way to experiment and make a look feel very different. If you're thinking of wearing a plain white tee and a pair of jeans, a red lip can always give it another dimension - so why not some other colours?

Another colour I've loved to wear for years is black. There's just something about it with some really polished contour, highlight and brows that looks so nice, but I'm always the Worrier Wendy who keeps that colour solely for Halloween because I don't have the confidence to wear it any other time. It used to be difficult to get your hands on bold lip products for a cheaper price tag, but now brands like MUA and Makeup Revolution are making it easy - so how do you wear them?

My favourite, fool-proof way is definitely to play the rest of your look down. I think as long as you don't go to town too much on the blush or bronzer, and you don't make your eye makeup too heavy, you'll never run the risk of looking clownish or ready for a stint in front of Ru Paul's judging eyes.

A great brand for experimenting with this idea is Nyx Cosmetics. Nyx are one of my favourite affordable brands as their products are great quality and for pretty low prices. Their lip products include some of my all-time favourites, but their Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks were something I'd previously not tried. These lipsticks are your typical matte velvet formula that has been popular amongst most brands recently. The difference between these ones and other brands? These Suede editions come in some really vibrant colours - from violets to the most summery oranges. I picked up two shades that I'd always wanted to try - a bright orange (Orange County) and a cement grey (Stone Fox). I was pleasantly surprised to see that both colours actually worked on me (I think?) and gave a great finish.

These liquid lipsticks have your typical doe-foot applicator but its weirdly extended which can sometimes help or hinder application depending on how precise you are. The weird doe-foot applicator aside, the product itself applies effortlessly but be warned - it takes an eternity to dry! I've applied Orange County before and seen it still be tacky and attempting to sit a full 20 minutes after I originally put it on. Once they do set however they do actually have the finish of suede so the name certainly suits. The wear time on these isn't the best, I would say if you're wearing them for a party or a night out, you'll be relatively fine, but once you start drinking and eating, they will flake a great deal. They're quite drying and due to such a high pigment in their colour, they do settle into the natural creases of your lips easily and can flake if your lips haven't been moisturised beforehand. Although they might not be the most convenient lip product as once they begin to flake, they're so thick and hard to set that reapplying would just create a mess, I would definitely suggest you give them a go if you need to do some bright makeup looks for photography, fancy dress, or just for short dates!

- A.
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